Ban ‘Aaja Nachle’

Manuwadis are at it again. They have abused us Dalits for centuries and we cannot take it anymore. The latest abuse is in the movie ‘Aaja Nachle’. The manuwadi lyricist, piyush Mishra has abused our caste. The Mochi caste, the cobbler caste has been abused and the mochi does not want to be a Sunar, the goldsmiths. Sorry we at the Dalit nation want to tell these people that the Mochi caste maybe be cobblers today but we will rule the nation. Already our Sister Mayavathi is ruling UP. We will not take the upper caste oppression anymore. You can write lyrics and abuse us and make the brahmin Madhuri dixit dance to the lyrics. How long will you do this. How long do you tink we will suffer this humiliation. Manuwadis should know that their end is near. We will not take these atrocities anymore. Dalits should organize and kick these dwijas to their siberian fatherland.

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  1. Tujhya aaichi gand said

    Who the fuck are u. A reserved category asshole?
    At least buy a domain of urs. Or u want that too reserved. Son of a bitch.

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