Dalits, Muslims and Christian should Join hands

Its time for the Dalits, Muslims and Christian to join hands so that  this evil called Hinduism is destroyed once and for all. India will become a nation only after that. Till then treat every caste as a nation. Read the books of the most intelligent person in this country after Babasaheb V.T.Rajashekar. He is the main inspiration for the dalit nation. We Dalits cannot stand it any longer. The Muslims and Christians should understand babasaheb. We should all join hands now and throw the brahmin oppressors. Jai Bhim


  1. I’m sorry to say that as long as Israel and Palestine exists this will never happen in a million years. Islam and Christianity have one thing in common. Unlike Hinduism they believe in converting everyone to their own kind my any means. There is plenty of evidence in the history books that blood has been shed for the cause of conversions both in the name of Jesus and Allah.

    Even if Christians and Muslims join hands today (on a sarcastic note) there wont be too long before all Hindu’s, Jews, Buddhists and Jain’s are killed and wiped of from the face of earth. After that what remains is Christians and Muslims. I’m sure the Muslims would want a world of Allah and the Christians a World of Jesus.

    Now that would be fun to see how they kill each other in the name of imaginary messiah’s that never existed in the first place.

  2. Meharban James said

    III A/ 145, Rachana, Vashali – 201010 (NCR)
    Email: francispclm@yahoo.com website: dalitchristian.org

    January 4, 2008

    An Open Letter of the Dalit Christians to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
    Indian Parliamentarians and Indian Church Authorities

    The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
    152, South Block,
    New Delhi -110 011

    Wish you Happy Christmas and New Year.

    For the last several decades, the Indian Church Authorities and its Leaders at National and International level have been subtly pressurizing the Indian Government to make suitable amendments in the Constitution to include converted Dalit Christians in the list of Schedule Castes. Our Constitution founders and framers had seen the validity of assuring equality and respect to Dalit Hindus in their Hindu fold, while they were not clear as to the implications of the same with Dalit Christians. Hence they formulated the provision for Hindu Dalit reservation for Schedule Caste in the Constitution. The Hindu community as a majority of peoples accepted reservations as a just and fair provision. Thus the Indian constitution gave equal right to the Dalit Hindus because they suffered ill treatment and were oppressed in the society over the centuries. It was a fair and just compensation to the Dalit Hindus for the exploitation done to them.

    While Dalit Hindus- who were converted to Christianity- lost their privilege of reservation policy and thus they were not included in the list of Schedule Caste. The Converted Dalit Christians had ‘an historic option’ to decide whether to accept their original religion-Hinduism and return to their community and thus avail the facility of Schedule Caste but most of the Dalit Christians forsook the reservation policy and they decided to remain Dalit Christians (DC) mainly because DCs fondly recalled the words of Jesus Christ: “Come to me, all of you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mt Ch. 11:28)

    Over the decades, the Church Authorities and Leaders belittled the faith of DCs., Besides, the Lords of Christendom- the Bishops, had already condescendingly accepted and treated the DCs as low grade Christians- reminiscent of their ‘original stigma’-untouchables. This subtly implied that DCs should never forget who they were and that it is thanks to valiant, foreign missionaries efforts that they still can be treated as second class followers of Christianity. Thus Church Authorities maintained a clear distinction between ‘those of the earlier accepted the Christian faith and thus possessed a superior grade/class and a superior faith’ and those traits should be preserved till reward day of the Master. Keeping this as a background check, the Indian Church Authorities deemed it fit that Dalit Christians remain uneducated lot, and they were not given proper and equal right for gainful employment least they be filled with a false pride of being true Christians. Notice the subtle distinction and statements of Church authorities when it comes to the game of numbers. DCs who form over 70% of the Christians population should be a’ feather in the cap’ of the numerous foreign missionaries who descended in hordes triumphantly dreaming that one day the whole of India would be Christianized.

    Further, the line of thinking of Church Authorities can be described thus: DCs ought to get proper compensation in lieu of governmental benefits they lost is ‘an unchristian consideration’- this would spoil ‘their Christian motivation’. Thus, it was clear to the Bishops and Church Authorities that any such talk of compensation made to DCs is unheard of biblical remedy. Hence DCs should remain poor and despicable to as proof of their newly accepted ‘superior faith’. Moreover, the secular Indian Government should be taught a lesson or two -especially the lesson that it is the ‘duty and responsibility’ of the Indian Government to make appropriate provisions for DCs? And that ‘we the Bishops’ if needed, are ready to fight tooth and nail to see that the Indian Government implements and practices what is enshrined in the Constitution of India. The Government should be blamed squarely because they care two hoots for the plight of the DC while they are pampering the other Dalits with innumerable concessions all for political gain. And why should Church Authorities and leaders make suitable provisions for their own least brethren was beyond the comprehension of the great Lords of Christendom.

    In just four hundred years the Christian population grew in leaps and bounds, the Indian Church’s with the selfless efforts of foreign missionaries added millions to the zero percentage of Christians in India. But no Church Authority ever even noticed that the plight of those numerous DCs remained the same. Nay over the decades it worsened. Hence what was and is the primary intention of the pious missionaries becomes clear. Indian Church Authorities and Leaders merely used DCs in a game of numbers and scarcely gave a passing thought to improve the living conditions of DC. The DCs were never or rather deliberately kept out mainstream Christianity and thus they were unable to experience progress and growth in their Christian living even though they had full membership in the various Churches.

    Notice this fact, when it came to the ‘battle of equal rights for all Dalits’ the Indian Church Authorities deemed it fit to wage a battle with the mind of Constitution founders and framers. And the battle did begin as early as or as soon as India gained independence. In their heart of hearts the Church Authorities and Leaders wanted that DCs to be loyal Christians and remain faithful members of their respective Churches and yet when it came to the matter of improvement in the standard of living, all their sound reasoning and superior faith failed them. Even an ‘ordinary statements of the assets’ of the Indian Churches- like enumerating the thousands of Christians Schools , Colleges and large compounds, and thousands of other allied majestic institutions like Hospitals and other social work Institutes will show the might of Indian Church wealth. It is well known that Indian Church Authorities have wealth ‘second to none’ in terms of immovable assets and finances. And note – this second to none is in comparison with the Government of India.

    Besides, in the name of DCs and poor, the Church gets flooded with funds both from within country and from abroad. And most ironical- the condition of DCs remains as poor as the proverbial Church mouse. Do all these the funds instantaneously disappear into the incredible mouth of Bishop Pip? (Please view the Documentary-‘In search of self respect’, produced by PSBT and Prasar Bharti. http://www.syncline films.com). The Mighty Indian Churches have conveniently divided India and with the magical wand of the Pope and other Church Authorities, have created around 250 to 300 dioceses in the country in order to smoothly run and manage their vast properties and institutions. A diocese may have average around fifty thousand followers. Based on their own methods of mission management: aren’t the Indian Church Authorities and Leaders responsible for the sorry state of affair of DCs? Why is the Indian Church constantly harping on the same old tune that Indian secularism is at stake when they themselves like Pilate constantly wash off their hands regarding a sound and just policy of justice for their least brethren- the Dalit Christians( DC)?.

    Why are the Church Authorities forcing our Parliamentarians to debate on the scheduled caste status of DCs? It is for all to see who has a hidden agenda. It is for the Church Authorities to honestly provide a ‘white paper’ on their fabulous wealth and what have they done to alleviate the sufferings of the least of their brethren- the Dalit Christians.

    To all Indian Bishops

    The open letter is now addressed to the Presidents of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India, of the National Council for Churches in India, Church of South India, Anglicans, Methodists, CNI, and all Bishops of all Christian Denominations.

    Most Rt. Rev. Bishops,

    Happy Christmas and New Year,

    Over the last several decades, the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, National Council for Churches in India, all the Protestant Churches and all the Christian foreign funding agencies were and are trying their best to amend the legislation of inclusion in Scheduled Caste status for Dalit Christians. You had several ‘ high level meetings and conferences at National and International level; and you were seen frantically appointing the best legal luminaries to see that DC are included in the list of scheduled caste thus securing a new heaven and a new earth for DCs.

    It was reported in the newspapers that your Grace and Lordship have graciously come down to the earth in New Delhi- the National Capital on November 29th 2007. You staged a Dharna for inclusion of DCs into Scheduled Caste status. When your Grace and Lordship, and predecessors converted Dalits from the Hindu society, the main attractions offered to them was that there was no caste discrimination in the Christian society and that they would be treated equally as brothers in Christ. It was with this hope of an ‘egalitarian status’ within the Christian community that the poor Dalits converted themselves to Christianity. If they are still Dalits the question is who has been oppressing them of late, it is true that when they were in the Hindu society they were oppressed by caste system that existed in that society. But was it not a solemn pledge before God and man that these converted Christians would be looked after without any discrimination and with Christian love and sharing?

    There is an answer to this question. Obviously, it is the Church Authorities and Leaders who are exploiting the DCs. If only the Church Authorities can spend twenty five per cent of the Church income for the welfare of DCs, surely there will be a great change in the lives of DCs. If only the Church Authorities can give fifty percent of employment in their institutions to the DCs we believe that within ten years, all the DCs will have employment. But alas- the Church Authorities only gives all employment to and give important posts to the priests, nuns etc. Notice that you are creating fatted calves and bestowing on them privileges upon privileges to merely a small class of clergy and superior Christians.

    You are seeing the speck in the eyes of Constitution founders and framers but fail to see the mote in your own eyes? For centuries the Church Authorities are merely filling up the barns for a minuscular clergy and pampering them into a parasitical life, while you ignore the cries and agonies of the discriminated DCs. For these very poor, Jesus has said, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has chosen me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captive’s recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed and announce that the year of remission, reward and restoration. Confer, Luke Chapter 4; 16-19.”

    Poor Christian Liberation Movement appeals to the Church Authorities and solemnly asks these questions. Why after converting DCs into the Christian fold you have constantly denied and deprived them of proper education facilities, of just employment, and generous financial support? And why do you not give proper Christian respect for DCs? Why do you not offer equal rights to DCs in the Church life? Why are you constantly using DCs as pawns to show the might of your own Empire and missionary prowess? Why hasn’t the Christian sense of giving compensation to DCs never even once crossed the minds of the all powerful and wealthy Church Authorities? Why are you playing the role of going around the devils ring by leaving DCs to the mercy of Indian Government? Why are you not fulfilling your responsibility toward DCs? You must remember the solemn words spoken to Peter Simon. Jesus said to Peter Simon: “If you love me then take care of my lambs and sheep (St John 21:15-17) .And even St. Paul emphatically said this of himself: that he was imprisoned, that he was beaten many times, faced difficulties, was in odd situations, worked hard, spent sleepless nights, many times without food and water, and besides other things, I am under daily pressure because of my anxiety for all the congregations. Who is weak and I am not weak? (2 Corinthians Ch 11: 23-29). Can all the Bishops honestly say that they have fulfilled their responsibility towards Dalit Christians?

    May the all the respected Bishop dare to say- YES. Amen.

    Thank you.

    Yours in Christ,
    R.L. Francis
    National President
    And all Executive Members of PCLM
    Email: francispclm@yahoo.com

  3. C,L.CHUMBER said


    Dear Viewers ,
    The co-sufferers of brahmins/brahminism are also not united .This is due to lack of co-ordination,co-operation and co-existence spirit..we people do not do brain exercise.We do the manual work.Now we must do the brain work for our livelihood.We must do the social work in another caste so that they may not dislike or hate our caste.I have tested this GURU-MANTAR.They people like me as well as my caste..Thanks.

  4. h said

    Differences does not mean lack of unity.

    Hindus also know to join hands.

    Don’t take anyone for granted.

  5. C,L.CHUMBER said

    Dear H ,
    Your good self wrote ( June 2, 2008 @ 2:05 am ) as below :-
    ” Differences does not mean lack of unity.Hindus also know to join hands.
    Don’t take anyone for granted.. ”
    Swami Vivekanand said ,” It is difficult to define who is Hindu and what Hinduism is .” I hope that you must have the definitions of both..If brahmins counted Scs,Sts and OBCs as Hindu then why they are against them and their constitutional reservation ? Why do they hate each others ? Why do they prohibit the entry of the shudras and women in their temples.? Your Hindus will unite against whom and why ? When the Huns,Arabs,Turks ,Mughals,Dutch,French and Britishers won India , where was your HINDU-UNITY ? The Hindus were neither united in past nor at present , The HINDU SOCIETY IS DIVIDED IN THOUSANDS HOUSES.

  6. doesnotmatter said

    ~It is difficult to define who is Hindu and what Hinduism is .” I hope that you must have the definitions of both..If brahmins counted Scs,Sts and OBCs as Hindu then why they are against them and their constitutional reservation ? ~

    I am an OBC by caste and i am against reservation. If you are poor and a good student, you deserve to study in a reservation quota based on merit.
    Why are you involving caste in merit? Everyone must appreciate merit. To appreciate it i do not have to be meritorious. Everyone cannot be the performer on the stage. Some people are required to appreciate the performer and clap. I prefer being the rasigar / appreciater.

    ~Why do they hate each others ? Why do they prohibit the entry of the shudras and women in their temples.? ~

    Who hates each other? Who prohibitted the entry of women in temples? I am a shudra and free to pray in temples. Yes some dalit groups were prohibitted entry a long time back. Not anymore. When it is already solved, why are you still hung on it now?

    ~Your Hindus will unite against whom and why ? When the Huns,Arabs,Turks ,Mughals,Dutch,French and Britishers won India , where was your HINDU-UNITY ? The Hindus were neither united in past nor at present , The HINDU SOCIETY IS DIVIDED IN THOUSANDS HOUSES.~

    Hindus followed certain rules in war. When hindu-buddhist-jain kings fought there was no problem. But when muslims fought there was a big probelm. They shoot arrows from the back (back-stabbers). They decapacitate below the abdomen. Their methods did not follow hindu ways of war and hindu soilders cud not cope and lost. The colonialists are a totally differnt story. They know whom to give a superior position and whom to give an inferior position and know how to divide and rule. Yes, hindus were not united at that time. Do you think hindus have not learnt from mistakes?

  7. C,L.CHUMBER said


    You did not defined who is hindu and what is hinduism.Why do you belong to OBC ? Who idiot fixed your caste by birth ? why do you love to be an OBC ? Why don`t you hate those who made your community backward ?The entry in the ancient hindu temples is still.prohibited.I have seen a plate in the Vishavnath temple ,Varanasi that entry of shudras and women is prohibited.Br.Ambawdekar had to agitate for untouchables`entry in the Kala Ram temple at Nasik.Now,the temples are useless for us.
    You wrote that the Hindus had some norms in the wars.You wrote that the enemy shoot arrow from the back. Your God Ram also shooted arrow from back and killed Bali of Kishkinda.Your God Vishnu raped Varinda to kill his husband Jalandar.Are these not true ? OK.

  8. h said


    When i was studying, my community was not OBC. Only now it is included in the karnataka obc list. In Tamil Nadu it is still under forward caste. Nobody in my family studied under reservations – very-very long before independence some of them were the earliest medical doctors of erstwhile madras presidency and some were pioneers in their own fields. No idiot fixed my caste at birth. All this caste legislation is a recent thing. If one can study on merit, why does one need reservation.

    If vishvanath temple in kashi prohibits shudras and women, then you ask that temple board for an answer why they put up that statement there. If answers are not right, then you have the right to agitate.

  9. C,L.CHUMBER said


    Dear Happy Hindu @ Lavnya,
    There is difference in an untouchable and an O.B.C.The untouchability is/was the biggest ever hurdle in one`s progress.The O.B.Cs. are financialy and mentally sound than SCs/STs.When an army is defeated,it splits in three wings.One wing is escaped to unknown area/forest that is STs..Second wing surrenders that is OBCs.Third wing do not surrenders and is severly punished that is SCs..Revered Periar,Phuley and many others made efforts to weaken the brahminism and strengthen the aboriginal Indians.If the OBCs revolt against the brahminism , they will rule India just in 10 years democratically.
    You wrote ( June 4, 2008 @ 9:15 am )as below : –
    ” No idiot fixed my caste at birth. All this caste legislation is a recent thing. If one can study on merit, why does one need reservation.” Dear.Lavnya Dr.Ambawdekar did not availed reservation and become the son-in-law of the brahmins who invented the untouchability..Everyone must be given the required facilities.Thanks.

  10. C,L.CHUMBER said


    Dear Administrators & Viewers ,
    I just sent a writing titled ” When a Hindu does not visit mosque/church,why aboriginal Indians go a Hindu temple.” That writing was sent to the Dalitnation but was intercepted.Again I tested.My computer shown a ”
    “security warning” as below : –
    ” ( ? ) The information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by third party. Are you sure you want to continue sending this information.* Alert me whenever I submit information that is not encrypted . * Continue * Cancel. ”
    Who is behind this ? Let us know.

    Co-office: A-163, DDA Flats Gazipur, Delhi – 96
    Office: IIIA/ 145, Rachana, Vashali- 201 010 (NCR)
    Telefax: 95120-2772449 Mob. 9810108046 E-mail: francispclm@yahoo.com

    Dalit Christians ask church to stop conversion drive

    New Delhi, June 14, 2008: The Dalit Christians on Friday asked the Church leadership to stop fraudulent conversion in India among Dalits and Tribals. And it further demand that the foreign funds received by the church be used for the welfare and upliftment of the poor Christians who are suffering from the discrimination. The convention strongly urged the Govt of India not to appoint Bishops, priests and nuns in the government commissions and committed but instead it should appoint ordinary Christians. These and many other demands are raised in a resolution adopted at the national conventions organized by the Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) headed by R.L.Francis.

    The convention urged the “Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) and the National Christian Council of India (NCCI) to set up a 1000 crore “Dalit Christian Development” fund to ensure integrated social and economic development.

    Considering the confusion created by the propagation activities in the far flung areas the convention adopted a resolution urging the church authorities to defer the mass conversion programme. The resolution stated that, “This assembly unanimously believes that evangelism cannot be a measurement of a society’s socio-economic development. Therefore, evangelism programme should be suspended for long years and funds should be saved and utilized for the welfare of Dalits and Trible Christians and deprived sections of society for creating awareness among them.”

    The resolution also demanded reservation of seats for Dalit and Trible Christians as well as other Dalits in Church-run schools, colleges, technical institutions and other vocational organizations.

    Three hundred delegates from different parts of the country, who attended the convention, alleged that a handful of priests and bishops were monopolizing the Church funds and property in the country. This has led to the worsening conditions of neo converted Christians were living in a pitiable condition and deprived of the basic necessities.

    In his address, the National President R.L. Francis said that the church leadership is interested only in increasing the numbers and is hardly bothering about their living conditions. The biggest proof of this was that a large chunk of foreign funds were being utilized either for purchasing land and for the luxurious lifestyles of few Christians leaders in India . Bishops are monopolizing the Church estates and treating it as their own property and are indulging in its sale-purchase without the consent of the community,” he alleged.

    Mr. Jawahar Singh, President Gertor India Foudiotian said 90 per cent to the maids working in cantt and its surrounding areas are Dalit and Trible Christians. Their children do not even complete their primary education, he said. Mr. Singh said that when he went to the priest of the church in the area to discuss the issue of maids and their children; he refused to say anything.

    Mr. P B Lomeo, Christian activist and editor of a church newspaper, alleged that not one of the 40,000 educational institutions run by the church give admission to the children of Dalit Christians. The PCLM, which was launched to help Dalit and Trible Christians and provide them with a platform to express their grief, is the most powerful for them, Mr.Lomeo said.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary a catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Delhi said that “ in last two decades many poor Christians have gone back to Hinduism due to maltreatment by the church. “Even myself was treated bad fly as I am local Christian and not given any assiyment by Bishop of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese because I am a Dalit and local Priest.” he further stated.

    Mr. Balbir Punj, a senior BJP think tank and member of Rajya SAbha suggested that the Church in India should honestly make a model for the progress of Dalits Christians. He also called for moratorium on conversion for the next ten years.

    Raising the question of future of Christian children in India , well known human rights activist Joseph Gathia urged the Govt of India and the Supreme Court to redefine minority educational institutions. He further demanded declassification of those Christian minority institutions who do not admit Christian’s children in their schools.
    Mr. Joseph Gathia opposed the caste base reservation for Christian community in India as it would institutionalize the discrimination in Christianity which is against its very basic principle. Such a move would darken the future of poor Christina’s children in India .

    At National Convention, Mr. Meharban James, Bishop R.B.Sandu, Mr. Ashok Bharti, P.N. Ambdker and others express their views reading Casteism in Church.. The copies of the resolution passed in the convention would be sending to the Pope, the World Council of Churches, and Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India and UPA chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi..

    President- PCLM


    Nearly 300 delegates from different parts of the country who gather at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road ., New Delhi passed the following resolutions unanimously on Friday 6th June 2008.

    I Resolution:
    We demand that Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), National Council for churches in India (NCCI) and other church organizations drop the demand for pushing back the poor Christians in to the category of Scheduled Caste status. The teaching of Jesus Christ does not permit to discriminate among his followers. All Christians are born in the image of God.

    If the Church in India pursue the reservation for Christians on the basis of caste then it must pay compensation to the poor Christians who got converted to the Christianity long back.

    II Resolution:

    (a) We urge the Govt. of India to institute a law allowing the Christians minority institutions to admit 50 % student who are Christians. Any Christians educational institute claiming Minority Status be punished if they refuse admission to a Christian child. Currently there is no such provision therefore the Church educational institutions are fearless. Those not following the directive be declassified and put under the Income Tax Act as commercial venture.

    (b) We further urged the Govt hat no clergy (Bishops, priests and nuns) be appointed in Government committee, commissions etc. Instead the Govt should appointed ordinary Christians as the members such committees and commissions.. It has been observed that due to such appointments the Bishops, priests, and nuns are deviating format their original work of the Church and misusing their positions and funds.

    (C) that the Government of India to introduce special laws to protect Church property and land as currently it is being misused and Sold by few interested group of people. As the land was given by the Govt of India long back on perpetual lease it is very much within the right to introduce such laws in the interest of the Christian community in India and for the betterment of the Dalit and Trible Christians.

    III Resolution:

    (a) We earnestly urge the Vatican to follow protest pattern in appointing the bishops in India , appointment of bishop by concesious of the local people. The Poor Christian Liberation Movement is opposed to the current procedure of appointing the Bishop in the Diocese by the top from Vatican who is not aware of the local conditions. The Vatican must follow the same law which is being followed in China .

    (b) Representatives at the National Convention demand to CBCI to appoint lay people (especially Dalit and Tribal Christians) at the important positions in the institutions of Catholic Church.

    (c) The Church in India is the largest employments giver after the Govt of India. Hence we demand that to solve the unemployment problem among poor Christians 50 % job reservations in Christians educational and medical institutions for these category be reserved in the Church institutions.

    IV Resolution:

    (a) Churches are bringing fund from abroad and spending crores of rupees on evangelization which creates confusion among the religions and bring disunity in the country. Evangelization must be stopped. Let the population grow within the religions. Church should not criticize another religion. Let all the religions grow freely. Church leaders must spend crores of rupees for the upliftment of the Dalit and Trible Christians rather than on evangelization.

    (b) The Poor Christian Liberation Movement feels that a time has come when pluralistic societies are to be accepted. It has already been done in the Western Christians countries. Therefore the focus on fraudulent conversion and only increasing number of “rice Christians” would not really serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church in India needs to promote multi culturalism and inter faith dialogues.
    (c) In order to facilitate resource for education and training for the children of the poor Christians particularly girls a 1000 crore rupee fund be created in India by the Church. Such fund would help the Christian community to become self sufficient in the long run.

    We feel that the time has come for Christians in India to suggest their Christian brethren and sisters in the West that all afforts must be made to make the community self sufficient and not dependent. We the Christians in India wish that the foreign funds must be diverted to poor people of Africa .

    (d) We strong feel that the Church leaders should prove themselves as good shepherds who can lead their sheep selflessly and serve OUR LORD Jesus Christ as per his teachings. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the poor.


  12. pclm said

    Local / Dalit Christians demand their own bishops
    Electrd by local people, not by Vatican

    Bhopal , May 6, 2009 : Mr. R.L. Francis is the National President of the Dalit Christians organization known as ‘Poor Christian Liberation Movement’ (PCLM). On May 2, 2009, in Bhopal, Mr. R.L. Francis along with his companions, Rev. Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary and Mr. P.B. Lomeo (Editor of the Church Restoration, Bhopal, Monthly) toured to the Christians colonies in Bhopal and listened and discussed local / Dalit Christians’ problems. Mr. Francis says that the churches are responsible for the pathetic condition for Dalit Christians in India.

    Mr. Francis says that church authorities are spending cores of rupees in order to spread their kingdom through preaching. There are around two hundred (200) catholic dioceses, in India, which follow rules and regulation of Vatican and in the coming of fifty years (50) there will be more dioceses in India. Mr. Francis says that if Catholic Church spends more money for the development and enlistment rather than on preaching then the condition of Dalit Christians, who are wounded sheep of this fold, will improve their condition and they will have better opportunity in their lives.

    Mr. France says that the church authorities have best educational institutions in India. There are about four to five per cent Christian population in India but churches have hold on around twenty two per cent (22%) of educational institutions and thirty per cent (30%) of health care. Next to government, the churches are the biggest land owners in India. In spite of having enough facilities with the church yet Dalit Christians’ condition is deteriorating. There are fifteen per cent (15%) Dalit Christians in the cities and forty per cent (40%) Dalit Christians in the rural areas are illiterate in spite of having best convent schools in the church. Thousand of Tribal girls are forced to do the work as Aaya in the rich families. These girls are coming from Tribal areas where there are no job opportunities. These girls (Aayas) are physically molested and mentally tortured.

    Churches are not taking enough care of these girls. In Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) alone, in spite of less Christians population, catholic church have cores of rupees and enough means to provide better education and job to Dalit Christians. In Madhya Pradesh the church have more then one hundred and fifty (150) High schools and half of them are convent schools. In Bhopal alone catholic church have the property, movable and unmovable, worth of more than six hundred crores (600) yet Christians’ condition is not improved. The church property and money are being used by the authorities as they wish.

    The members of Poor Christian Liberation Movement, Rev. Fr. William Predass Chaudhary and Mr. P.B. Lomio explained to the local Christians about Mr, Anand Benard’s, who is the only member of minority commission of Madhay Pradesh government, suggestion to the M.P. government to form like a Waqf bord. If the M. P. government forms such kind of bord then we must welcome the government’s step and the Christians will have no loss at all. On August 27, 2004, Poor Christian Liberation Movement had given a memorandum to the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohon Singh to form such kind of committee to control the properties of churches. Last year June 6, 2008, Poor Christian Liberation Movement had organized a National Convention at India Islamic Cultural Centre, 87-88 Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003. From all over India there were three hundred (300) representatives who repeated the demand to form committees to look after church properties. The National President of PCLM, Mr. R.L. Frances says that if the Waqf board has no credibility or the Muslim community bearing any loss then the Muslim community will not allow such king of board. But they are benefiting from Waqf board. If such kind of board / committee is formed to safeguard the properties of churches then Christian community should not oppose it. There may be such kind of people who may oppose for their own sake. Such kind of people astray the Christian community from the main issue. The properties and money are being misused by leaders of churches and rich people The educational institutions are being run by the upper caste rather than Dalit Christians who are deprived from all the facilities in the churches. Thus upper caste people are enjoying both properties and educational facilities.

    Poor Christian Liberation Movement regrets about the behavior of church authorities who are collecting money from national and international level in the name of poor Christians who are attacked by the miscreants. The money is not reaching fully to the effected people. Mr. R.L. Francis says that there are no problem between Christians and Hindus. The problems come only when we interfere in the lives of others and religions. We should follow sincerely our own religion without criticizing. We must honor all the religions because all religions give salvation. The National President of PCLM, Mr. R. L. Francis appeals to the local and Dalit Christians to fight for justice and equal right in churches and society. We need to struggle to have our own position in the churches. The struggle is the key for success.

    The appointment of bishops by the Vatican must be opposed because when bishops are appointed by Vatican then they ignore the local Christians. The South Indian priests should not be appointed as bishops for North Indian dioceses. North Indian priests should be appointed as bishops for North Indian dioceses as other denominations do. Local priests know the culture and traditions better and thus local bishops will be more successful in evangelization in North India.

  13. Chalo Church purab ki aur
    “Indian polity and judicial system are meaningless for Church and it still looks towards Western countries to solve their minor problems.”- R. L Francis
    New Delhi, April 9, 2011
    Indian Christians have been citizens of a secular state since independence. Secular system might have flaws. Democratic system might be non-representative but it is a fact that Indian Church enjoys immense facilities which might be a dream for European and American churches. Some of these facilities include running educational institutions with special rights and getting government grants etc.
    Despite these facts Church leaders depend on the Western support to resolve their domestic problems. Indian polity and judicial system have no meaning for the Church. These views have been echoed by none other than dynamic dalit Christian leader R. L Francis in his soon- to- be released book – “Chalo Church purab ki aur” (Let Church go to East)
    This book is a collection of articles written by the author in various newspapers and magazines. In this book, he has vehemently criticized Church for its imperialistic attitude and suggested them to introspect seriously on the current direction of the Church. Indian Christians are unfortunate in the sense that Church has often portrayed attacks on missionaries as attack on liberty of Christians in the country and they do it for the sake of their own benefit.
    They operate largely on fear psychosis which is used to garner monetary and diplomatic support from the European countries. Mahatma Gandhi had condemned conversion as its main goal was to create support base for British rule. Even today they largely depend on foreign funding. They are accountable towards European and American organisations.
    On the issue of growing incidence of attacks on Church leaders R.L Francis puts a simple logic. “If church claims of such a high level of service work in the country, then why people hate them so much. They will have to seek answer for this question. Why people like Graham Stains and his two innocent children are burnt alive by the irate mob? Church leaders still try to evade such questions,” says Francis.
    ‘Chalo Church purab ki aur’ deliberates on the current situation and dilemma of Indian Christians. They feel betrayed as they find themselves on the crossroad. Church has deserted them and they have been trained not to feel and think like common Indian so they cannot fight their battle in the typical Indian way. They still look towards Vatican for solving domestic problems.
    R. L Francis blames Church for the current deplorable condition of Dalit Christians. Church is not at all serious about improving the life of these poor Christians.
    In the second part of this book, there is a brief report of Rangnath Mishra Commission Report and its negative impact on converted Indian Christians. In this book Francis has put strong arguments on the need of integration of common Christians with the national mainstream which is largely absent today.

    Issued by
    PCLM, New Delhi
    Contact: 09810108046

  14. Dennis Patrick Walker said

    _West Bengal’s Untouchables — Their Attitudes to Muslims and Bangladesh_
    by Dr Dennis Walker, Monash University, Australia
    Email — donxa@hotmail.com

    _The Rise of Islamophile Militancy among Bengali Untouchables in the 1990s_
    The progressive decay and disintegration of the Congress Party, and thus of India’s relatively secular Indian nationalism, since the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 opened the way for the dynamic, optimistic, rising forces of Hindu revivalism to bid for political leadership of India. The prospect of zealot yuppy middle-Caste Hindus becoming the establishment with which they would have to negotiate was one factor now galvanizing a section of Bengali Dalits into considering as potential allies local Muslims and outside Muslim and Arab states. The denunciations of the Hindu revivalists had given those Muslim entities priceless free publicity among all of India’s Untouchables, down to the remotest village.
    The injury, death and expulsion the Namashudra Untouchables had experienced at the hands of East Bengal’s Muslims at the time of the Partition were fading from memory by the 1990s, and the newly Islamophile Bengali Dalit writers strove to reinterpret them as the unnatural product of Upper Caste manipulation. By 1994, a militant section of the West Bengal Untouchable elite was urging their people to move beyond the “wounds” of the mass migrations from East Pakistan following Partition. They were trying to trace, and return to, other ways of relating to Muslims patterned by the earlier, promising — if small and vulnerable — Bengali Untouchable elite. B.K. Roy reflected that such pre-Partition leaders as Jogendronath Mondol and Mukunda Bihari Mallick had formed alliances with Muslim leaders like Fazlul Huq that “succeeded in keeping the traditional `Bhadralok’ ruling class (Brahman-Kayasth-Vaidya) out of power”. Realizing the danger, “these three cunning castes overnight became champions of ‘Hindu Unity'” to make the Bengali Untouchables and backward castes fight the Bengali Muslims on their behalf. “Both Dalits and Muslims were mainly cultivators and landless laborers in the undivided Bengal, but due to lack of proper education they fought against each other at the instigation of the upper caste landlords”. (S.K. Bandopadhaya, the most judicious historian of the British-era Bengali Untouchable ethnos, while alert to impulses among Matua and other Namashudras to link up with Bengali Muslims, or balance Caste Hindu forces with them in that period, has presented data which shows them also to have been active participants in communal conflicts with Muslim Bengali neighbors). Non-Bengali Dalitist enclave nationalists from the Hindi belt and the even farther-away Dravidian South urge the Bengali SCs to a drive for unity if not fusion with the Bengali Muslims. The Gujarati firebrand Yogendra Makwana, although at that time a member of the Central Government cabinet, in 1986 had called on “Dalit writers to rewrite the history of India”. Not the Muslims but the Hindu Mahasabha had partitioned India, he told SC protest writers assembled in New Delhi. “The entire Bangladesh Muslims were once Dalits. They became Muslims to escape the Hindu tyranny. About 80% of the Muslims of India had Dalit origin”. _Dalit Voice_ has published many items from Bengali Dalitist militants characterizing such shaky Bangladeshi leaders as General Ershad, Khalidah Ziya and Hasinah Wajid as heads of an heroic converted Dalit people that, through Islam, compelled Indian politicians to dine and negotiate with them on a basis of equality and respect.
    Much more Islamophile in its stances and readership than Debendralal BiswasThakur’s Bengali journal _Harisevak_, the Bangalore _Dalit Voice_ has drawn letters and articles that stress not only the educational progress of Namadudras in Bangladesh, noted by _Harisevak_, but also that they are more accepted by Bangladeshi Muslims than West Bengal’s Dalits are by Caste Hindus there. The Hindu students at Dhaka University have their own hostel but “if a Namashudra student is willing to stay in any other hall among the 14 halls in the university campus, then they are free to do it. Regarding food, all students are welcomed with honor to all halls: there is no racial discrimination [in Dhaka] as we find in the West Bengal of firebrand `Marxist’ Jyoti Basu”. Encompassed by the unremitting Upper Caste discrimination and by the surging new Hindu revivalism, the Bengali Dalitist militants in desperation consider linking up with the militant Indian Muslims, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Iran — some foreign power center — to break the yoke of their perceived class- and caste-enemies.
    The new Bengali Dalitists are ideologically open to Arabs. Embittered by Dalit-Caste Hindu bloodletting in rural Andhra Pradesh, Dr Bhubaneshwar Nath (1986) seized al-Qadhdhafi’s images that every multi-national state had to break up in the end through insurrections of the suppressed linguistic nationalities [—- very hard to stretch to fit a pan-Indian Dalit experience or enterprise!]. Nath applied al-Qadhdhafi’s ridicule of parties and parliamentarism to an Indian political system so slow to impose equality. This _Bahujan Nayak_ article referred back to rather sympathetic or neutral exploration of the anti-Congress Muslim League’s secessionism by Ambedkar in his 1947 book _Pakistan or Partition of India_.

    _Indianist Untouchable Perceptions of Muslims at the End of the 20th Century_
    In the year 2000, in a certain Australian city, I had the opportunity to have two days of conversation with an Untouchable (Dalit) Bengali writer. Our discussions revolved around two subjects: (a) the current cultural and organizational conditions of India’s Bengali Dalits and (b) the views West Bengal-resident Untouchables have about Muslims and Bangladesh. In these notes I want to concentrate on their images of Muslims and Bangladesh.
    I opened our discussion of that issue by noting compliments that some Dalit Bengali writers have been paying to Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Arab countries (especially al-Qadhdhafi’s Libya), Iran and Islam. I referred to concern in the Indian Hindu revivalist press that some Dalit militants in West Bengal were trying to ally their community with Muslims in India. The writer replied that a few hyper-militant Bengali Dalits had been trying to link up with Muslims.
    The judgement of the more moderate Matua-Dalit protest writers, though, is that any political link-up with the Indian Muslims and/or outside Muslim states “will not prove a successful strategy”. Their judgment goes that South Asian Muslims will not make alliance with people they perceive to be lower-class Hindus. These more cautious Matua intellectuals perceive that Muslims and India’s dominant caste-Hindus are both closer to each other in their social levels than either is to the Untouchable Bengalis. This view sees the caste-Hindus who wield power and wealth as more liable to listen to or accommodate Muslims than they would be towards Untouchables. Religious processions are an instance. On most occasions, the Bengali caste-Hindu population and the West Bengal state authorities allow Bengali Muslims to conduct “very loud” processions during the month of Muharram in mourning for the martyrdom of al-Husayn, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, at Karbala in ‘Iraq at the hands of the luxury-loving Umayyad dynasty. In contrast, so the perceptions of this West Bengali Dalit professional run, the Bengali caste-Hindus object and harrass when Dalits of the Matua sect in that state of the Indian Union try to hold religious processions of their own. For this more Indianist category among West Bengal’s Untouchables, the greater leeway accorded Bengali Muslims establishes that they are caste-Indians like the “Aryan” Hindus and will not be sincere allies for Dalits. There is though covert admiration and envy towards Muslims — more coherent and politically effective than India’s fragmented Untouchables — in such motifs of Dalit writers.
    I noted during my discussions with this middle-aging Bengali Dalit professional that he showed signs of internalizing the strong feeling stirred up by the Indian press against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan over the latter’s support for the Muslim secessionist movement in India’s Kashmir. He also at one point referred to Muslim “fundamentalist terrorism” in the world as manifested by Bin Ladin — internalizing a recurring motif of the Indian press.
    But even Bengali Untouchables who reject special relations with neighboring Muslim States are less hostile to Bangladesh than are many Bengali caste-Hindus.
    For all Matua, Bangladesh remains “a Holy Land” because it was the original matrix in which Harichand Thakur and Guruchand Thakur founded and developed their separate Matua group or religion. from the nineteenth century. The Matua intellectuals of West Bengal believe that even today, after considerable Islamization in East Bengali intellectualism and high culture since 1947, the Matua and Muslim people in Bangladesh still have a good relationship. The problem is the role of the Muslim ‘fundamentalists’ who, seen in society as the elite with custodianship of the Islamic scripture, hadith and law and their application, have enough standing to play at exceptional points upon the religious feelings of the Muslim masses — leading the latter to sometimes adopt stances at variance with their usual tolerance, determined by the Bengali culture they share with the Matua. Overall, the Matua writers see the Muslim Bangladeshis as on most points usually the same as them. Thus, the influence of the Muslim ‘fundamentalists’ is only occasional: most Bengali Muslims are not seriously threatening towards the Bangladesh Matua.
    Military dictator Mohamed Ershad, who governed Bangladesh in the 1980s, is seen by the Matua as having been a very good man who courted the support of all Bangladesh minorities for the elections. Ershad had support from the Matua, but because of the pressure from the ‘fundamentalists’ and to get their support for the elections, Ershad proclaimed Bangladesh an Islamic State.
    This is seen by India’s Matua writers as having done no harm to their fellow-Untouchables in Bangladesh. The proclamation of the nominal Islamic State in Bangladesh did not change the behavior of that country’s Muslims towards its Matua for either the better or the worse. There is discrimination in Bangladesh but it varies from place to place. Things are better in areas where the Matua Untouchable Hindus are numerous, such as Faridpur. In some other places, where Muslims are the overwhelming majority, the conditions of some Matua are perceived to have deteriorated since the independence from Pakistan in 1971. But West Bengal’s Matua retain the strong sense that the Matua and the Muslims of Bangladesh can understand each other and live constructively with each other because both groups have the same basic Bengali culture.
    Bangladesh’s current Prime Minister Hasinah Wajid, daughter of the country’s founder Shaykh Mujibur Rahman, is perceived among West Bengal’s Matua intelligentsia as genuinely tolerant and secular: she wants to integrate Bangladesh’s caste-Hindus and its Matua into one nationhood with its Muslims. The Matua are appreciative of the tradition of secular Bengali linguistic nationalism from which she springs. The perception of the educated Matua in West Bengal runs that Shaykh Mujibur Rahman her father was a “very good man” who did not represent the Muslim Bengalis alone but all indigenous people in East Bengal/Bangladesh. .
    As a young man during the movement for Pakistan and Muslim secession from India, Mujib “had to some extent been communal when he was one of the ‘youth activists’ in the Muslim League in Calcutta”. But after the partition and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Mujib changed a good deal. It is true that the West Bengali Matua intelligentsia retain a certain ambiguity or ambivalence about the exact nature of the transformation or conversion that Shaykh Mujibur Rahman is supposed to have undergone in the early history of the United Pakistan away from politicized Muslim nationalism to a multi-sectarian Bengali nationalism that sought independence from Pakistan.
    On the whole, though, Bengali Indian Untouchable writers believe that India can develop neutral relations with Bangladesh. They do not themselves want a special relationship between Bengali Dalits and East Bengal’s Muslims. West Bengali Matua Dalits do want easier access to their religious shrines in Bangladesh.

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