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Friends of the Western Buddhist cults are Enemies of Dalits

Ever since we published our article on the Brahminical conspiracy to dilute Buddism through Vipassana (Refer – Beware of Meditation – Dalit Nation Dec 2007) there has been a huge turmoil in the Dalit Intelligentsia. We stirred a hornet’s nest more than a year ago by debunking this Vipassana myth. Many psuedo Dalit intellectuals who are sold out to Goenkawadis (who are manuwadis with a Buddhist mask) are pestering us to retract our statements on Vipassana meditation. We at Dalit Nation want to reiterate again that Vipassana meditation has no place in Buddhist Dharma. Buddhist Dharma is revolutionary and runs counter to the useless leisure class activity of Vipassana meditation. Vipassana is a creation of our Brahmin oppressors to quiet down the Dalit Movement.

The Brahmins being a micro minority are ever vigilant to any threat to their hegemony. When Babasaheb converted to Buddhism in October 1956 the Brahminical forces started working against Buddhism through multiple channels. We at Dalit Nation would like to expose four of these movements. The first was the Mahayana of the Tibetian tyrant Dalai Lama (Refer Dalit Nation – Brahmin Deception through Dalai Lama). The second was through Goenka’s Vipassana meditation cult of Brahminical Burmese Buddhism. The third through the Sokka Gokkai cult of Nicheren Buddhism. The main practice of the Sokka Gokkai cult is Brahminical mantra chanting except that the mantra is that of the Buddha. The fourth, which not many are aware of in Dalit circles is the FWBO or the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order created by the misogynist, narcisstic and perverted British Buddhist monk Sangharakshita aka Dennis Lingwood.

It is very sad that some of our bright and intelligent Dalit youths are caught up in this FWBO which is another Buddhist cult to smother the Dalit Apprising. The Editor of Dalit Nation had met Sangharakshita in London many decades ago. We wanted to talk about his association with Babasaheb and Dalit movement. We also wanted to know more about the dangers of Vipassana meditation. Sangharakshita had stopped the vipassana practice in his centres in UK as it lead to nervous breakdown and created lunacy. But instead of talking to us about these things the senile old Sangharakshita was so full of himself and his so called liberating teachings. It did not take much time for us to realize that this man was another subtle front for Brahminism in the name of Buddhism.

It is not surprising for us that he learnt Buddhism through Brahmins like Bhikku Jagdish Kashyap. Sangharakshita also spent a huge amount of time in India chasing Hindu holymen and sadhus like Ramana Maharishi, Anandamayi Ma, Ramdas and many others. How can we expect that such a person is the friend of Dalits. Can this man be trusted for working on the Dalit cause. A Brahimincal hippy in Buddhist mould is what we at Dalitnation term such people.

At the time we met Sangharakshita many Dalits were involved in FWBO. They were fooled into believing that Sangharakshita was a friend of Babasaheb Ambedkar. When we did more research on this man we discovered that not only was he not a friend of Babasaheb he was actually working against the revolutionary ideas of Babasaheb. This friend of Dalits had written an article in Mahabodi Journal (1959) that Ambedkar never understood Buddhism and his revolutionary book ‘Buddha and His Dharma’ should be renamed as ‘Ambedkar and his dharma’. Sangharakshita accused Ambedkar of using Buddhism to further his political ambitions. Babasaheb whose every life breath was dedicated to the Dalit upliftment was being told that he is using buddhism for his own self aggrandizement. Atrocious.

Due to our expose of Sangharakshita in 1998 most dalits dissociated from this cult. This same Sangharakshita is back again in the garb of Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha Sahayak Gana (TBMSG). He and his foillowers have created trusts and scholarships to gather funds and propogate the personality cult. Bright Dalit youths are lured into such cults. The fund managers of trusts like Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha Sahayaka Gana which is the indian wing of FWBO control the mind of the bright Dalit youths. The Dalits who are part of these movements have expressed to us that their minds have been enslaved by these trusts and they have no time for the revolutionary activities envisaged by Babasaheb.

We at Dalit Nation will spare no efforts to expose these criminials like Sangharakshita and vicious organizations like FWBO and TBMSG. Our Dalit youths should be one pointed towards the goal laid out by Babasaheb and we should avoid these cults like filth. These cults are no different from the Brahminical Cow Dung cults.

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