Bogus Hunger Strike of Ramdev and Anna

Anna hazare wants to go onto a hunger strike for the second time. We at dalit nation can only laugh at these scoundrels like Ramdev and Anna Hazare. When several of dalit brethren and farmers cannot get to eat two square meals a day these theatrical acts are just a big drama staged by caste hindus. Both ramdev and anna are not against corporates looting the country. Ramdev has the nerve to talk againt black money when he himself has 1000 crore black money. The Manuwadis are such hypocrites.


  1. ANAND said

    U R RITE

  2. ijswamy said

    Dalit nation? Where is it ? In Mayawati`s house .Dalits are divided into four or five categories. Dalits are disunited .Dalits who work hard got all the benefits of the constitution .
    Dalits should stop blackmailing Brahmins .

  3. IndianBrahmin said

    I’m very sorry to inform you that your arrogance and your education is very well depicted in your writings. You actually are shouting on top of your voice and are displaying your dalit characteristics that have been passed from your downtrodden ancestors, you derseve to be ruled by us.

    • Amit Koche said

      Well education has the power to create Lions and when a lion roars, call it a bark, roar, or arrogance, it does not matter to the lion. Now to speak of dalit characteristics, I believe we are all human beings, and I bet I have far better characteristics and far more brahmin girlfriends than you could have ever imagined. You say you want to establish rule over other fellow human beings. This point of view is the most baseless thing I have ever heard.

  4. gshah said

    Ramdev is from a backward caste himself. He is not a Brahman. he is also against the corporate looting the nation. He loudly campaigns against the MNCs which sell potato chips for Rs 350 per kg when poor farmer sell potatos at only Rs 12 per kg. He promotes village industries. You need to do some research on Ramdev. Just listen to his vision for India in his lectures. I am sure, much of it will match the vision of dalits and backward classes.

  5. vinod kumar said

    he why u write such article all the time. such kind of aticle put all the backward class in a shameful position, he is fasting against corruption, and all the people suporting him. by writing such article you are only showing that we are anti india, which is not good. we the sc st and obc are patriot people. jai hind

  6. Anil said

    You People are more Kameen and Namak Haram than the Brahmins of India. So, they did not let you up in the society. You soowar eating people, can you fast for even one day for a cause of the nation which is plaguing whole of the country. You breed like soowars to increase your population, and want reservation generation after generation and talk about the fellow dalits living in remote areas. You are abusing Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru who did great sacrifices for the nation and Dalits in particular. Now you are abusing Ramdev and Anna Hazare, You should be ashamed. In fact whole human beings are Hypocrites. You people enjoy vote bank politics with good Govt Jobs and reservations. You people are appointed for sweepers etc but do not work and enjoy free salary. If you cannot sweep the roads and do the job, leave the job. I think You people are misled and eyewashed by some political parties and other organizations for vested interest.

    • Amit Koche said

      “In fact whole human beings are Hypocrites” HAHAHAHAHA. Man you made a swine, jackass of your own self here. If you are not happy as a human being they why dont you relinquish it.

      You say Anna and Ramdev are doing good, then you must first go back to history of decades and bring out details of how successful such fasts were. Mere words and that also such filthy words make you equally qualified to support Anna, who is 7th pass and Ramdev, who never paSSED :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. Anil said

    And one more thing

    What will be the Hybrid of Dalit X Brahmin, or Brahmin X Dalit function.

    This is an important topic for discussion Open foe All.

    • Amit Koche said


  8. Paolo said


    I like this blog, I’m a foreigner living in Bangalore, so I also am a sort of untouchable; I’ve just remarked today that the word “dalit” is banned from Facebook, i.e. no results when you type it.
    I wonder why there is a lack of more than 2 years within the last posts of the blog. Also I would like to get in touch with some people of Dalit Nation in Bangalore, if any. Thank you for your attention


    • dalit fucker said

      u suck mother fucker !!!!!!
      paolo u eat shit !!!!

      • Amit Koche said


  9. Back to form after over two years! Your is my favorite post. I had good time discussing/commenting on them two years back.

  10. anil said

    Shame Shame for not publishing the comments

    We want 50% reservation for our comments to be published.

    Sorry, sorry This is the site for authentic voice for Dalits and not others.

  11. Rajshekhar said

    You and people like Udit Raj are out of their minds. Now there will be a movement against any kind of reservation based on caste and religion. It will particularly focus on creamy layer of SC ST OBC and other minorities and even women for any kind of reservation.

    It is true that Brahmins have destroyed the social fabric of the society and keeping their people on all higher post and enjoying all amenities. Similarly is that with Thakurs and Baniyas. But in all these caste also people are sufferring due to internal differences. Higher the differences more the sufferings. One has to be well disciplined, brave and ready to sacrifice for a good cause.

  12. Rajshekhar said

    Dalits should make their own country, city, schools, colleges, cricket team, football team. hospitals, army, navy and airforce etc and employ their own people and compete with other communites. They themselves will feel isolated. Brahmins will also feel isolated whom to feed on as parasites

  13. Mohan said

    Looks like u have taken money from congress, Think about ur child if there is no corruption … this is really uneducated behaviour, think about india not dalit or brahmin…. even ambedkar thought the same …

  14. virtualfir said

    Many of the comments/ reply are not posted why are You people censoring this

  15. Hari said

    All castes are meaning less, Infact when we born, We have not decided as to which caste should we belong. Please let us forget hatred & live like brotherhood harmony. In western countries instead caste system they adopted racial discrimination, Even in Muslims that have some 2 to 3 sub castes & even in christians also the case is same. So i request all are equal in the eye of the god. All religion advices their followers to be on right path. It’s we have to tune our mindset & live happily, Because life is short to all human beings.

  16. Siddharth said

    This was a media circus. Many have now begun to point out the farcical nature of this drama.

    “…..One reporter from one of the most prominent channels confessed: “We have become the PR agency of Anna!” Forty percent of the youth here are drunk but we dare not say it on air, the TV journo added. We are behaving as if there is no other news happening in India – the mass graves found in Kashmir and Kanzimohi wanting to drag PM as witness did not find the news slots they deserved….”

    in fact some commentators pointed out that Noam Chomsky’s scathing commentary on the mass media -‘Manufacturing Consent’ would be re-written in TV studios today as Manufacturing Dissent

  17. Yes, Why Anna Hassare nothing talk about Sigur, Nandigram Issue?,Narmada Bajavo Andolan?, Gujarath Issue, Chengara, Plachimada?, many many Issues,,,,, MANIPUR UROM SHARMILA…….. Where Was He? …. Blody Pandit…. Only He is a Moke … He is a Play tool Of Sankaparivar…Nothing,,, Leave Him……………………

  18. Kumarpushp said

    Anna Hazare is a former truck driver who studied till seven standard so you think who are behind this dramma.166 million dalits must see the condition of dalits who are living in his village.

  19. Sanjam said

    actually, only mayawati and kanshi ram are noble people.. all others are scoundrels and bastards.

  20. ijswamy said

    I am at present in USA.Here all people with except with people like me eat beef , pork and any animal,wear leather,marry and divorce at will , never worship and don`t offer alms to beggers .By “manuvadi” definition all Americans are untouchable.But we like them because they are rich.Mayawati is rich . But like several other politicians of so called upper castes she also indulged in corruptiion. Our fight is against corruption that included Mayawati`s Taj corridor .Grow rich .Our constitution gives ample opportunity to get rich .

  21. ijswamy said

    Anna is a former soldier.

    • Kumarpushp said

      HA HA soldiers ,go lick his ass .Dalits donot require a truck driver to lead them.

  22. Raju Iyer said

    This is a cheap publicity technic by the website owners just to get attention in google and viewers. they use the words which are in news like aishwrya rai , anna hazare and ramdev. (U search for them an this website pops up)They mix that with 30% of Dalit suppresion, 30 % of Brahmin Oppression, 20% of some gyan from Ambedhkar and 20% of Mayawati and Kanshiram Etc…..( We cannot expect more also from these people )…..

    I am just wondering where is Mr. ChumberJi with his famous attack on ” RAPIST , RACIST AND FASCIST GODS ” (Read other posts…….I am wondering how can somebody write the same thing in every post and as the only reply to any question – Most of them are out of syllabus for him!!!!!!)

    Try hard and work…….Get a living…… the change yourself first

    Raju Iyer.

  23. Kitty Pandit said

    Way to go dalitnation. Can you write a post about dalit prostitutes. As a matter of fact most prostitutes in India come from dalit background and I have had the good fortune of interacting and making love to them. I love dalits and I am a brahmin.

    • Mahar Untouchable said

      I can write about brahmin whores. Brahmin girls are born whores who like white dicks and can fuck anybody for money. Their coward brahmin mother, father, husband, brother, sister don’tmind at all as long as brahmin girls make money.
      Brahmin girls and guys are cheapest species even cheapest than that of prostitutes,callgirls etc.
      Hope you like my small comment, actually I can write a book.

  24. Govind Ram Yadav said

    As a matter of fact, we all are aware that Dalit’s haven’t yet got the parallel status of other higher and middle class societies. Since we all think that there are some hindrances which we need to clear for the common good of all the communities of Dalit. But we actually don’t know what that hindrances are. even if we know, we haven’t yet stood strongly to get relief of it.
    We also know that we are some level behind to other socities because of their perpetual exploitation and they had not given us the equal status. But that period was different from today’s, now we got the opportunity to prove our self before those person who were calling us and thinking us downtrodden people. Now our problem is we are not even trying our level best to go ahead. Many leaders of Dalits trying to improve the scenario in its entire level, but they are on different track in the way which we need to follow. We don’t need to go against the higher societies or to do oppose them, we rather need to develop ourselves to compete them in legally valid way. Creating of violence and hurting the other societies people is not our goal which we need to achieve. What exactly we need to achieve is the knowledge and practicle experience of things of happening. And for serving these purposes we need to focus on education. This is the only and most efficient way of our development. Like for example Meena community of Rajasthan. Meena’s are the most advanced community of Rajasthan and very reason behind this is their focus on study. If we will get the good level of higher education, tomorrow’s generation will be ours and no body would be challenge it on any grounds. Because education has capacity to bring us all the other faclilities money, power etc. so as of now our focus would be on education.

    • ijswamy said

      Konda Lakshman Bapuji also is on hunger strike demanding Telangana.

  25. Rustic Indian said

    People like “John Dayal” thrive on Dalits and no one objects …. Hypocrisy at it’s best perhaps because vatican agent is running the government in India ….

    John (Dayal) earns money by running “Conversion shop … converting Dalits … go take your money share from him which he earns by converting you …

    • i j swamy said

      Dalits who played the game of “progress” according to rules have become famous. Bad propaganda against Brahmins is not at all a rule .

  26. I will write now regularly !

  27. Amit Koche said

    Well, yes, the methods adopted by team anna were pure blackmail of the existing government, we dont favour congress but nor do we support the unconstitutional resorts adopted by a bunch of opportunists like team anna. What we see today is a RIFT in between the members of team anna, how ridiculous allegations they hurl against one another. It makes one laugh. Those who have rolled up there sleeves against corruption were exposed when their sleeves were rolled down. Kiran Bedi produced Inflated Bills so as to divert funds to her NGO. The RSS puppet Arvind Kejriwal siphoned off the funds collected during fast to his organization and when questioned, uttered empty rhetorics. The strong stalwarts left the group when team anna campaigned against Congress in Hisar Assembly bypolls. Anna has been saying that he has no political ambitions then why did he remain quite when his Opportunist Campaign was trying to develop political wings. They want a corruption free country but are themselves mired in corruption. This is a severe contradiction of the maxim “One must practice what one preaches.” How can corrupt people help in eliminating corruption. If we do some study about Ralegaon Siddhi, we will find how dictatorial practices are adopted there to bring order. Dictatorship may bring temporary status quo but in the long run it is Democracy which creates a conducive environment for all the people

    We oppose the corruption done by Congress and we equally oppose team anna’s misleading tactics. The Constitution of India is hailed as a catalyst of change worldwide, what lacks is the quality of people who are at the helm of affairs, if they remain wicked, no matter how great a Constitution would be it would ultimately be futile, but if the people running the country happen to be good people then no matter how bad the constitution would be, it would ultimately create a successful nation

  28. SUDHIR KUMAR said

    Dalits!Focus on Education,believe in righteous reason.That’s all

  29. Anna Hazare is brahminist. He even made disgraceful remarks on baniyas. Watch this video:

    • i j swamy said

      People who use vugar words against others are betraying thei Hatrd .

  30. paratrup2012 said

    Absolutely. Anna has taken 1000 crores from A. Raja. Further, the moment you show a Dalit card, they give concessions in the bribes.

  31. Tanmoy Saha said

    An urgent appeal to everyone (other than this blog’s admins) – Please refrain from commenting and following this blog at all. All this Ku Klux Klan type of hatred, the ideas of Zionist Brahminical conspiracy…avoid all these…even if you offended just go visit some other sites. This page do not deserve your attention.

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