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V T Rajshekar – Down but not out

The editor of Dalitnation wishes to express his best wishes and good health to our great teacher and inspiration V.T.Rajshekar. VTR is universally acknowledged as the greatest and revolutionary intellect from India after Buddha, Babasaheb, Periyar and Kancha Ilaiah. However manuwadi media has deliberately ignored VTR. VTR has been taken ill and is recuperating in Mangalore since last six months. Even the great Dalit magazine Dalit Voice is not coming up with new issues. The website is also down as VTR has not paid up for the subscription. The whole of the dalit world has been covered with darkness as DV was the great beacon of hope for dalits.

It is at this time that the editor of Dalitnation would like to take an open pledge. We will uphold the flag of Dalit revolution and will make sure that the vision of Buddha, Babasaheb and VTR will be propogated and continued. we will educate, organize and agitate.

Jai Bhim

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300 Ramayanas – Dalits dont need any of those

A K Ramanujam, iyengari brahmin from mysore wrote an essay about the 300 different versions of the ramayana. He proved to the world that the brahmin ramayana of valmiki is not the only version. There are several other versions including some oral narratives of tribes who are dalits. The manuwadis are now concerned becauses they only want one version of ramayana. A ramayana where rama killed the dalit shambuka, just because he recited the rotten vedas. Manuwadis got the ramayana essay banned from delhi university.
We at dalitnation always say throw ramayana to the dustbin. It is a bunch of castesist trash which is the bane of indian soceity. We should even throw all the 300 different versions of ramayana to the dustbins. Why should students in the university study this casteist text. Make babasaheb’s book ‘riddles in hinduism’ as mandatory reading in university. Down with ramayana including the iyengari’s essay.

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