V T Rajshekar – Down but not out

The editor of Dalitnation wishes to express his best wishes and good health to our great teacher and inspiration V.T.Rajshekar. VTR is universally acknowledged as the greatest and revolutionary intellect from India after Buddha, Babasaheb, Periyar and Kancha Ilaiah. However manuwadi media has deliberately ignored VTR. VTR has been taken ill and is recuperating in Mangalore since last six months. Even the great Dalit magazine Dalit Voice is not coming up with new issues. The website is also down as VTR has not paid up for the subscription. The whole of the dalit world has been covered with darkness as DV was the great beacon of hope for dalits.

It is at this time that the editor of Dalitnation would like to take an open pledge. We will uphold the flag of Dalit revolution and will make sure that the vision of Buddha, Babasaheb and VTR will be propogated and continued. we will educate, organize and agitate.

Jai Bhim


  1. Saurav said

    I sure will read works of V.T.Rajshekar.

    Thank you

    • HAM said


      • please come and fight with the reality of indian citizen especially with the true life of dalits in your great nation India,Man.

      • Kumarpushp said

        Mr Jayarajan you are born idiot who thinks that dalits want resevation you go and read Poona pact.reservation brought by your paedophile Mr gandhi .dalits will fight for separate electorate and separate settlement away from barbartic hindus.Please check your facts before coomenting in dalit nation.

      • Siddharth Vinod said

        Brahmins are availing reservations everywhere like SHANKRACHARYAS, POOJARI IN TEMPLES and they have put reservation system categorising as Brahmin, kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudras. .

  2. abdulla said

    Thanks for blogging about VTR, one of the rarest intellectuals of our time. Do you have any of his contact, if so, would be very grateful.

  3. Brian Parks said

    To whom it may concern,

    I am an “African American” man living in the United States. I have been doing much research on our history around the world. I wish to keep in contact with my brothers and sisters globally. This is the only way to keep informed of the truth. Please guide me to the Dalit magazine publications or tell me how to subscribe.


    Brian L. Parks

  4. Brian Parks said

    Please email me with your reply at {mr.b.l.parks@hotmail.com}.
    Thank you.

  5. I met him twice in 1986 A.D. in Delhi and in Bangalore in June , 2010 . I am worried about his health . Is there his any contact number ?

    • shivom said

      can you contact me. i have a proposal to you. my no is 09454774394, shivom is not my real name

  6. sangramsinh ghorpade said

    hello bhagi chamars, want to claim “SESODIA SHIVAJI RAJE BHOSLE” as
    a lower caste.

    I am quoting Shivaji Raje Bhosle when a SHUDRA(OBC) came to his house as cook he said “AMHI CHITTOD CHE SESODE”(i am sesodia from chittor) in short get the fuck out of here.

    The fact lower caste “MARATHI SUCH AS KUNBIS” are not even “MARATHA” as most royal maratha came from upper caste and even though we upper caste maratha came from rajasthan we remove you and take all the land of maharashtra.

    Small sesodia clan of bhosle and ghorpade are the two most powerful clans of maratha .




    • jayant dagore said

      sangram singh ,i am very sure that you are a pufta look in dictionary as i know u r not even educated enough to know the meaning of pufta any way tell me one thing did you born from your mothers mouth not the other hole as the whole world born in the same way?
      all i can say get some education and make yourself able to express your views,talk or sit in’ sabhya’society.
      and let me introduce you my mother is brahmin and a very educated family which you cant even think and she hates your high caste rubbish as this has given a bad name to indian society all over the world but again you are not educated enough to understand all this so stay in your shit where you are.
      jayant dagore

    • MR K BASA said

      The End is coming for Hindutva….. JAI BHIM

  7. shamanth said

    May you spend your entire life sucking the dick of your Ambedkar who has done more injustice to the poor dalits than all the Brahmins put together. You keep bashing the upper castes but all you can do is fight for reservations (which is a proof that you have no brains)….. Talk against the Brahmins when you have won a Nobel Prize or any prize that commemorates the intellect.

    And No. I am NOT a Brahmin.

    • Yes by admitting that you are not a pure brahmin I can say that first you see the weep of great Ambedkar while doing such humbugs to our poor people of India for want of their freedom to walk in front of your sincere gods and temples inside the country of India.

  8. Jayarajan Kaniyeri said

    Dear Sir,
    It is I, Mr.jayarajan Kaniyeri found out a simple mathematical solution for the uplift of downtrodden people in the Earth even without a weapon or political power. Means it is purely based on the logic of Simple Mathematics and it can be used for any Socio-Economic problems of the World. Suppose you are intersted in this matter please contact me at my mobile as 9447485603

  9. RR BAG said


  10. ChandraShekar Sharma said

    What kind of low lifes are running this site. I can’t believe for 40 yrs Gandhi taught us not to hate each other, we are still hating each other. In this day and age, it is not the caste that is important. It is what you achieved with your life. You are born in this life for a reason & no matter how much I try to look at the author’s point of view, it is impossible to convince myself to lead a life full of hatred. How do you sleep at night? They say Intelligent man is not a happy man, but I think we should expand the definition and say fools like these authors are also not happy ones. Why do you have so much hatred, use your energies in bringing up your so called brethens lives, I’m sure they suck just like yours.
    You are in the position you are because of the way you work in this world. If you are smart & hard working whether you are a dalit or brahmin you’ll come up in life. I know cases where Dalits treat other Dalits as untouchables once they come up to a stature in life. That is the kind of society you are born out of. Change that, not sit down & complain about Brahmins & upper caste. You are like the Klu Klux Klan of US, you’ve issues with everyone except your race. I pity you.
    I read in one of the articles putting down Vedas, did you even read one Upanishad & tried to understand it. Bhagwat Geeta was told by a Dalit, Krishna, get inspiration from him and try and emulate his life. He never hated brahmins or upper caste people. I can only pray that a young impressionable mind should not read your rut & ruin his life.

    • Dear respeced sir, i could have read atleast one sentence from your proclaimed holy books and so I could understand that the upper caste people wants the very mind and brain of the untouchables of india always for breeding their greeds of their gods for want of the survival of their great interests against especially towards the lower castes people. Brahmanism means the black hole of our culture.

    • jayant dagore said

      dear chander shekhar sharma ji,
      all i can ay is “brilliant comments”from your side.
      jayant dagore,australia

    AMOL JAGANNATH KHUNTE, Uran Dist- Raigad .Maharashtra

    This is my happiest moment ever now. I have spent more than thirty years for finding out it and now I could succeed in it with great pleasure and enjoyment after my continuous hard work of thinking about my problem in India. Yes, what I expect ever is happened now. I could reach the extreme thought of a powerful human brain and GOD blessed me now without any hesitation to reveal the real truth hiding it behind the strong emotions of the powerful human brain and the moral feelings of god gifted pure simple human mind about the humanity in Our great nation India exists even today.
    Yes, it is the Caste System which exists even now in our modern India without any difficult among our all communities of different religions in our great nation India. Surely, it is an enigma to foreigners also about our India even after the loss of the lives for many years of our great young lions like Mr.Swami Vivekananda who lived here for more than thirty years in India at a stretch like our spontaneous spokesman throughout the world as well as the great human beings among us in our different worlds in our most respected Earth. Now I am able to break the very ever strong bondage of caste system existing among our communities of different religions in our great nation India. Yes, be patient ever for reaching such a wonderful moment with my earnest effort behind it for more than twenty years by such a beloved lover of our great nation India as well as my strong ambitions to escape my people from such cruel worlds of pure Human Sex.
    I could not sleep well for the last three months due to my great enthusiasm to find out at the earliest the real truth of surviving caste system even after two thousand years passed without any changes in its strong powers among our people of India. I think I could read a lot of good books and I could read the real minds of good people in India by my magical thoughts by the powers of great Mathematics. Yes, I sent many e-mails to our relevant people among us but I could not reach up to their any help for me for my fast and speedy proclamation of it that I am able to solve all the socio-economic problems of our society in India through my simple mathematical calculations. It is a great humbug by me by our great words of our great Ministers of Kerala and of India during the last three months in 2012 without asking any notes up on it. That is why my humble effort to solve this problem of untouchability within our country within limited time and without any risk and cost of human lives in our Earth.
    First off all I did not believe in GOD at all at any serious moments in my life while finding out the reasoning of caste system in India during my engineering college days in 1987. It is because we had a lot of such great persons among us during the history of the real and very open pictures of our caste system with the belief in gods even after having our political freedom from the Great Britain in 1947. Then the words of great scientist Mr.Einstein that GOD never plays unnecessary things in the world. Of course I started to believe in it without any doubt till now for the sake of my down-trodden people of India the Untouchables. Really it is a great Endeavour for me to do such things that since you know my strong belief on gods who are giving high protection on the lives of upper caste in India by their own lovable gods at their holy places at any cost and at any moments in lives even after the moment of the brutal rapes done by them up on the wretched unwanted unnecessary children of the Untouchables in India.
    I am a Mathematician in my life always and I could secured the full marks in that subject in S.S.L.C. It is not a big tragedy to my enemies but even then they tried and succeed in that matter by giving the first place at my Grama Panchayath level at Mathamangalam school among the students of S.S.L.C. to Mrs.Dr.Leena.K.C. who secured less marks in S.S.L.C.Examination than that of mine since she was one of my upper caste girls in my school during my studies in 1987.No doubt it is theirs and even the Universe too I could realize that at that moment without any tear drop in my eyes. Yes, I will fight against these atrocities without any weapon or murder and out of that I calmly thought ever and ever. I gave all sincere flourished flowers to my humble soul who is me at that moment. No, I will not cry at any moment at any cost even at my life which will be expiring by their great gods who are the real protectors of all their beautiful valuable lives in India.
    What can I do? I did not resist any hardships happening in my life. I accepted all of them whole heartedly, all the humbugs of our upper castes in our nation and I tried to analyze their activities through the great epics great Vedas great books of Hindus. What I did is correct? Yes, it is my great luck that the world of great communications could be opened us without anybodies help nowadays to the world of great different knowledge of our Earth. Yes, I travelled smoothly through such ways very carefully and much enjoyably by sitting at my dome Pazhassy Quarters at Kannur.
    It is the Kama the power of human brain and the Sneha the great feelings and the smooth powers of human mind fighting in the world against their existences each other for the success in human lives at all time in our lovable Earth. This is the real life of human beings in the Universe. I am only a spectator in the world and I want to live in this Earth with my family with all happiness this is my motto ever. Do you agree with me? Yes, I will live here for all time for all of you without any agony for fighting each other with such sexual powers of human minds such as Kama and Sneha in our society.
    Then think about the caste system in India which makes all types of annoyances to the majority of people in India even now without their faults in life or without their faults by not to be able to express their pure love to their upper caste people at any occasion at any cost without any chains on their arms and legs for years and years. Why? So what?
    Nothing more to say about our struggles due to the caste system in India I have already revealed everything within limited words and within your limited valuable time in your god gifted life. Yes, I think I could solve this great enigma of Indian culture that ever tried and failed by our all humanists even by our Great Scholar Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Great Budha, Great many humans to expelled of it in India and in abroad even in Modern Times of India. Can you think of my words Kama and Sneha. Yes,If we are aware of the strength of these ever powerful emotions of human brain and mind it can exploit all the bondages of caste system by using its all limits as well as its limitations in the real world of human life. Now I am just throwing my these two words to the minds of Intellectuals and they can surely solve the exact problems of the Indians by analyzing with their strong powerful brains and deep knowledge about the world in all the fields. And I am sure that they will do it because they are also human beings in our Universe and Great hard workers of the Earth. See you. Good bye. Any doubt contact over my mobile number:9447485603 the great BSNL of India. Be love each other for any time and fight each other for small silly matters without giving much important to the Earthly feelings and emotions and after giving respects as well as giving everything to others by without any hesitation by our common senses the GOD knows everything well and well and we should also be understood by our life after having a hundred years life in our own Earth profoundly and richly.
    By Jayarajan Kaniyeri,Rajina,Abhinand and Abhinaya.
    The Greatest untouchable man in modern India.

  13. ashok said

    Stop this nonsense !! We r facing danger of two front war from china and pakistan and all indians busy in talking about fucking history?? What u are proving by this?? Do u want to prove u all are supreme to others ? So whats is difference between u and brahmins?? Stop this rascist and fascist thing live like indian and die for indian becoz whether u are aryan or dravidian this is the only counry left for us and we have to save this othervise our hisatory will die and then there will be no brahman and dalit left so plz my brothers open ur eyes and save ur nation

    • Please don’t show your expressions here blastically by providing a new NEWS to us to the downtrodden people of India for the Greatest Happiness of Indian Aryan Citizens in Our Nation.How it may be permitted by you Mr.Ashok,the dearest friend of all?

    I know even the method of solving the social injustice against the untouchables from other classes of India is just as simple as a miracle but not possible.Why?Then why it is not happened so far after the prolonged internal wars occured during the last two and half ten centuaries have been passed off between the majority of the people of Great India and the still mere minority of our Nation without much changes in physical and mental aspects of the world of humanbeings belongs to our Great ever Nation which always causes to all types of uplifts in the civilization of whole people in the Great Earth so forth.We need every thing to understand the reality of of humans especially about our untouchables in India but if we do not have the nicest power of understanding the the the real uses of utilization of human brains and its entire hard works to realize our Universe due as a mankind as far as our great Earth is concerned.
    Sorry,we have every types of knowledge in our hand to live here in Earth for centuaries without any difficulties or much problems but before that we have to understand that we need to realize the magical powers of our Great Man Mr.B.R.Ambedkar the revolutionist of human beings for ever in our Earth for the sake of our great downtrodden people of India by the pure respect of Him by me for whole time.We should understand the power of hidden tears of a strong powerful intellectual man like our BabaSaheb at first.Yes our mind should be filled with one of the feelings of its for all the time till our great goal achieved.
    Have you heard of the words of Him that Self-Respect is the Best Respect for ever other wise Man is mere Siphor.First we must to understand the inner meanings of every words like untouchability and all the meanings of the caste names exists in India nowadays.Actually we should not have any coordination or a systamatic approach up on our past Histories so far. That is why it happened like this like a Malayali curry in the world of social justice and thus we have already lost the even meaning and the purpose of living here in Earth happily without without.
    Have heard of human mind and brain ever before or experienced them like our any part of Human bodies inside and outside of it?Never why?We are not at all satisfied with our own them gifted by our Great GOD always without any hesitation even by our great men in the Earth due to the utter confusion of the existances of our great Brain and pure humble simple mind.This is the actual problem of our great society for ever for this conflict of understanding at least their power and purity by not doing any intellectual prostitutions by our lives in the Earth.
    I can introduce the words of Him again here for you all because you see the meaning of Political Power of a Human in the Earth when compared to the power of GOD.GOD is a coward always because you know that one. No, you may say like that only since you are also a coward to accept such a reality of our Universe. GOD can not write any exams or even He can not participate in any actions such as to take part in Sports or Elections or He can not play even the brain twister game of the Chess due to His limitations in doing any such works in our Earth. So we also have admit that we also have all types of limits and limitations in our life in Earth like our Great GOD. Then what is political power by Him that it is the power of taking decisions during our life in this Universe without much efforts that is much thru easiness only. Then what is the ultimate aim of our life in India? It is the purely getting or attaining political power during our earnest life in our own Earth.
    You see these are the simple truths in India by our Great saviour Great Dr.B.R. Ambedkar of the World. We must sit relax and think well positively for ours.Our problems will be dissolved like the formation of a solution out of its solvent and its solids. We must love or hate every thing first otherwise it is almost impossible to understand the truths and reality of Earth without much difficulty. I will not revealed everything here like a slave for you. I also want to live here satisfactorily by the great efforts of your great Brain and the simple power of your pure mind for ever and ever even my children too in this Universe. So I stop here for me now. ok. Thank you very much.


    Jayarajan kaniyeri,Rajina.M.P.,Abhinand.M.P.,Abhinaya.M.P.,
    Pazhassy Quarters,P.O.Civil Station,Kannur-670002.,

  15. yes dalits have been suffering in india from centuries like me who belongs to a educated balmiki family and now migrated in australia and still suffering due to racism in australias.i have sent all my case to mr.salil shetty 2 yrs.ago and got so many emails from his office confirming me that they have got all my papers and they have been sent to the team specialise in australian matters.after 18 months when hear nothing i wrote a letter to mr.shetty (regd.)and got reply from one mr.abigail,london office saying that they have lost my documents.indian media has published my case many times in the last 5 yr.and now PUTTING SHAME ON MR.SHETTY AS HE HAS FAILED TO GIVE ME THE JUSTICE AS A SEC.GEN.OF AMNESTY INTL.SPECIALLY AS A INDIAN,HOW MANY INDIANS HAVE BEEN KILLED AND SERIOUSLY ASSAULTED IN AUSTRALIA IN THE LAST 5-6 YRS.AND I AM ONE OF THEM.NOW I AM GOING TO POST THE PHOTO COPIES OF RECENTLY PUBLISHED NEWS PAPER FROM NEW DELHI TO MR.SHETTYS OFFICE IN LONDON WITH A NOTE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL .LETS SEE IF THIS TIME MR.SALIL REPLIES (IN THE LAST 2 YRS.ONLY TALKING TO MS.LUNA,MS.AURILIA DONDO AND THEIR EMAILS TO ME).BUT IT IS A SHAME ON THE PART OF AMNESTY THAT AFTER NEARLY 2 YRS.RECEIVING ALL MY DOCUMENTS FROM AUSTRALIA UNDER REGD.MAIL AND NOW SAYING THEY HAVE LOST THE DOCUMENTS DOESN’T LOOK GOOD ON THE PART OF AMNESTY.

  16. rsdommeti said

    I am research scholar..Does anyone help me in finding VTR magazines and their office address with contact info.

  17. Karthik said

    You seem to be very desperate in haranguing Hindu culture and everything it stands for at the behest of some Christian evangelists. But stop for a moment and consider your hypocrisy. you condemn hinduism here but when it comes to reservations in jobs, education and public administration you are happy to parade yourselves as backward Hindu castes. if you are truly as intellectually advanced as you claim in this article, then come out openly and say you do not need reservations and you can compete with the rest of the society on an even setting. dare to do so? nope!! everyone wants freebies.
    This mediocre article proves you know nothing of the Indian cultural and social landscape. You call retards like nityananda and asaram brahmin?? well for your information they are not. they have never claimed to be. infact nithyananda is one of your people from Tamil nadu who just wanted to make quick money. asaram is another such species and both are suffering the consequences of their sins. looking at this article I seriously doubt you are a dalit. I am sure you are just representing a Christian missionary which is pushing its own agenda to divide Hindu society on caste so that you can encourage conversion. Poor effort though. Foreign cultures have tried for several millennia to bring Hinduism down but have themselves perished without a trace. Our culture has existed since long before Christianity and Islam and we will continue to thrive long after you are gone. So stop trying to degrade us and do something useful with your life instead!
    Yes Brahmin culture may not produce many revolutionaries. But we produce leaders and intellects like narayan murthy, Vajpayee, c v Raman, ramanujam, c n r rao, kasturirangan etc. and they contributed more to the nation than you and your stupid ‘revolutionary’ article.
    I’m all for upliftment of the backward sections of the society but this kind of tirade against Brahmins shows your insecurity. you know you can never compete against us, even reservations. This article is a manifestation of your insecurity in your own abilities that you blame Brahmins for your social backwardness. Man up! Compete without reservations and succeed and I will be the first to applaud you.
    the day you realize casteism has been kept alive only by politicians just for the sake of votebank politics is the day of your enlightenment ala Buddha. Till that time, grow up! Don’t be such a loser and a burden on mother earth.

  18. Abhinav said

    /V._T._Rajshekar belongs to Brahmin caste (The editor of Dalit Nation)….Dalit Nation itself is a harm to Dalits…someone report this website please to Government.
    It harms both to Dalits and Upper-castes and spread hatred.

    We love Buddha and Dr.Ambedkar who never taught violence.

    Please shut down this piece of shit.
    Namo Buddhay!! Jai Bhim !!

  19. asif said

    Any new updates about sir rajshekar,is he still publishing his dalit voice or has it shut completely.

  20. vtr is a bant shetty belongs to aiswarya rai caste

  21. Siddharth Vinod said

    As per the brahmanical record available, Parshuram and Ishwaku both have made the earth free of kshatriya and there is no kshatriya in this era. Also sisodiya originating from HUNA who were given status of kshatriya with the wiltness of AGNI as per aryan vaidik system.

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