Beef Food Festival Makes the Grass Eating Manuvadis Shiver

In April this year, the enterprising Dalits of Osmania University organized the Beef Food Festival. At Dalitnation we have been at the forefront of promoting beef, the food of our toiling Dalit brethren. Our inspiration VTR and Kancha Ilaiah have been working tirelessly to challenge the food imperialism imposed by the Hindutva criminals. What VTR, Kancha and we had written have been theory and conceptual. It took the Dalit youths of Hyderabad to  implement this and send shivers down the spines of the grass eating Brahmins and Banias represented by fascist organizations like ABVP. It is the beginning of a revolution. 

Beef is the food of Dalits. Our hardworking and working class people need the proteins. The leisure class Brahmins and Banias want to deny our basic food rights. They talk of their Gomata whom they worship. They want us to just like themselves drink the piss and eat the dung of Gomata. We have given a strong blow to the food imperialism by the beef festival and more of such things are going to follow.

The editor of Dalit Nation participated in the Beef festival and partook the delicious Beef biryani served. Each delicious morsel we ate was a body blow to the regressive Vedic culture and Brahminism. The day is not far away when the grass eating Brahmins will also start eating Beef just like their Vedic ancestors did.

We were lucky to hear great leaders like Kancha Ilaiah and the enchanting Dalit poet Ms. Meena Kandasamy at the revolutionary festival. At Dalit Nation we have been following this young lady and how she has blossomed into the great crusader that she is now. Her revolutionary poems have inspired Dalit women and men. The way she walked out of her abusive marriage with a sexually perverted Dalit Christian Communist showed her immense courage. Manuwadis and even so called Feminists swore at her when she walked off the sexually abusive relationship. They called her names and called her an attention seeking whore. But the brave Ms Meena never relented and is now the role model of all women who have been abused in their marriage by sexual perverts. This is also a message for all Dalit men that they cannot take the women for granted specially when they have inspirational role models like Ms Meena. We wish her well and wish that she continues to inspire Dalits with her revolutionary poetry which has the potential to smash Brahminism and Male Patriarcy.

We are also great admirers of her mother, Vasantha Kandasamy who is an illustrious professor of Mathematics and has fought vehemently against the Brahmin domination in the IIT Agraharam. Her landmark book on the problem of untouchability which is based on empirical mathematical framework is pure genius. She has smashed the citadels of Manuwadi worldview using Mathematics. She has used Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps to analyze the views of the revolutionary Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. This is the power of Beef which Brahmins cannot understand. When the book was released the grass eating vegetarian Brahmins in IIT were dumbstruck by the sheer brilliance of the thesis. Their limited and bigoted minds could not comprehend the magnitude of her theories. This kind of research should have been given a Nobel prize but unfortunately the Chennai Brahmins began a conspiracy in the scientific community of India and has termed Vasanatha Kandasamy as a nutcase peddling in bogus theories. This is the fate of Dalit geniuses. We at Dalitnation stand by the Kandasamy daughter and mother duo and we want to assure them that they are not alone in battling the hydra headed Brahminical monster.

Jai Bhim


  1. i j swamy said

    Dalitism , a type of food extremism observed beef festival because dalits are driven by PENURY..No dalit pays a rupee to a fellow dalit.Poor dalits can not afford any costlier food. To bring honour to beef they conduct beef festivals in secure places like AU.. Dalits can have dog cat or donkey festival . But we want dalits grow rich and eat chicken , mutton turkey etc .

    • Mr Manu said

      I am a staunch manuwadi and chief secratary of caste system governing body. I am shivering and request dalit nation to send me some blankets and warm clothing. A bottle of Johhny Walker blue label would be most welcome.

    • Kumarpushp said

      120 million dalits are not hindus and they are free to eat cows if hindus donot want to eat cow they should sit in there house and worships the congenital abnormal body is abusing brahmins or hindus if up to hindus to mind there business and they should concentrate about pakistan who constitute 120 millions but screwning the hindus and there hindu led government every months.

    • dhusiask said

      By resorting to vegetarianism, the Hindus claim they save animal lives which is the bed-rock of Ahimsa. But can any vegetarian enlighten as to why they drink milk be it a cow, buffalo or goat: Drinking their milk they deprive the calf and kid their share of natural sustenance and cause untimely death of these hapless new-born. Hindus as individuals are good people but as a group they are altogether different.

      • vittal dr said

        so you want to tell that because we drink cow milk, you will dink its blood and kill its calf and kill all living creature except humans, because humans will not allow you to kill them. you even do not mind to kill your kids for your dirty stomach,but then people and your family members object it and so you do not do it. Because cow gives us milk we want to worship it, and you, ungratefully kill it after sucking its blood for 20 years. YOu have a great justification in killing all animals and eating it. YOu also have to eat its cunt, buttak, its dung, and may be its urine along with its flesh. WE do not do it. WE do nto kill it. We pay money for milk with the intention of nursing it, but you cruel people kill it after sucking its blood for 20 to 30 years. YOu do all sins of killings its calf and its kids. We never do it, and none of us said you to kill it. IF you do not sell us milm, we will bring them up and as a gratitude for its milk we do all sevice to it and will not kill its calf.This is what we vegetarins doing in the past. Show any instnce where vegetaiand killed the cow or calf. snakes can not undestand these sings and snakes remain always as snakes.

      • samjasuja said

        You dalits are getting more and more intelligent day by day. You can eat whatever you want whether it is rat, cat, goat and cow and some day you will eat human flesh too, I hope. And question you asked why we take milk, at first a blood thirsty like you has no right to ask this question. And if I will answer, how, I wonder, most intelligent creatures like you understand such a delicate answer ? Anything you are doing not for your progress but to belittle the feelings of your fellow countrymen. Grow up and develop yourselves in a good citizen, brothers. 1000 years muslims rule India, brahmins were minorities then too. But muslims never bothered to uplift dalits, you say muslims are better than hindus. 500 years christians rule over india and exploit the caste system, but never took tensions to improve your life, and yet christians are better than hindus. In the world a lot of violence we see and observe, my friends, is it also Hindu brahmins generated, you think? Clap, clap, clap to your thoughts. We have also shortcomings and weaknesses but we brahmins proudly, not arrogantly think ourselves the sons of Brahma. You always take an example of individual brahmin to belittle all brahmans. Look at your community, do you find every man is a saint there? Is there one who never wronged anyone ?

    • awmsur11 said

      Buddha was non veg. Buddha died of eating pork. Read History.

      • manusmriti said

        brahmins should leve vegetarianism and eat nonvegetarian beef pork all those things so that we brahmins are not weak we must become strong by eating beef we brahmins ( master race ) must not be sensitive to cruelity of animals if we remains polite like this shudra will win we must change to modern societal surroundings

  2. vathul said

    Bramhins never wanted to stop the basic rights of dalits we only say pls do not kill other living thing and out of the pain dont make you happy ofcourse cow is a holy animal it is said in vedas itself beef eating came to us in the way of muslims so you dalits dont no what to eat and dont know how to live a systematic life adopted it you people are kind of asuras do not use your brain and think eat what ever i mean what ever there (your fore fathers have done that) so just shut up your black nasty ass hole and be at the foot ou us life long basterds……

    • Abrahmin who cares said

      haha, Im starting to doubt whether this “Dalitnation” is a site for pro-dalits! It sounds more like a “Anti brahmin”. Duuuude, I TOTALLY agree with you!! A cow is sacred to ALL hindus, not only brahmins!! The only things brahmins did was to say “We should not kill any other living creature” yet being vegetarian is a personal choice. But what i think, is that eating Beef is like AGAINST hinduism!! No hindu should eat its own sacred Animal!! This is just sickening…

      Oh, but Im also sure not ALL dalits think like this. Just because of one stupid idiotic dumbass Dalit, we shouldnt blame the rest. 😦 Imagine if me or you were born into a Dalit family. We would not think like this, and no-one should have the right to blame us for what some other stupid guy did. So, yay for Dalitism, just a BIG NO from my side to the “beef eating festival” thing…that is just sickening…

      • bharath said

        well said mate. Wish every dalit (i just hate to use this term, its demeaning) /hindu brothers, were as understanding as you rather than just be anti-brahmins (again hindus). Just because a few brahmins in the past misused their powers doesnt mean all brahmins think alike.

  3. Grass Eating Brahmin Mathematician said

    – problem of untouchability which is based on empirical mathematical framework is pure genius.
    – he has used Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps to analyze the views of the revolutionary Periyar E. V. Ramasamy.

    Hahahahahah. Dalitnation or whoever you are you should be given a nobel prize for spotting one.

  4. Grass Eating Brahmin Mathematician said

    Cant believe the person who has written this trash is an IIT teacher:

    She needs psychiatric treatment.

    • Govinda said

      She is surely a product of reservation.

      • Ben said

        first they take our seats in college. then they take our lands. then they take our women, then they take our lives. these extremists need to be shunned. these terrorists are growing every day. they are backed by foreigners. huge sums are DONATED to their extremist organizations. they are all in the naxal movement. they can talk anything against us & it’s O>K> but we oppose them once & it’s called “ATROCITY”. by all means they desire to exterminate us. they say it publicly & noone takes any actions against them. God save us from these vultures.


        All dalit people should be sent to african jungles to stay with thosee kind of people. All dalit ladies should be fucked in their asshole & should be punished. One of the major motherfucker in dalit history is their god BABASAHEBAMBEDKAR. This motherfucker only made reservatuions & made India dull & backward position. This babambedkar should be decorated with shoes raw. These dalits are really a thirdclass public in indian society.

    • Jiten said

      Who says it’s trash? Do you understand the math behind it? =P

  5. Raju Kadapa said

    Why are so many brahmins commenting here. Dalitnation has really rubbed them on the wrong side.

  6. avinashk1975 said

    @ Dalitnation, you people can threaten only the “grass-eating-brahmins-and-banias”!! This is what happens to your people in The Land of Pure:
    Flood Relief by Caste, Creed

  7. avinashk1975 said

    @ Dalitnation, majority of “Hindus” now in Pakistan are Dalits (2.5 million out of 3 million) and this is what happens to them:

    • This is me said

      OH MY GOD. I thought Muslims in India was bad! THIS IS LIKE THREE TIMES AS WORSE!!! Guys, instead of having PITY USELESS fights about Brahmins vs Dalits, lets look at the bigger picture and try to help our brothers and sisters!! I swear as soon as i get my law degree, Im heading to India and Pakistan to stop this. Its horrendous and sickening! 😦

  8. i j swamy said

    Brahminism thinks at a higher plane than dalitism

    • This is me said

      that is a MASSIVE generalization, not all follow that. But anyway is that a good thing or a bad thing?? And what caste are you, may i ask?

    • Jiten said

      What a stupid comment– I don’t know who you are, but I’m a Brahmin and think that comment was both wrong and unnecessary– whatever “brahminism” is anyway.

      Of course they hate us with people like you spewing garbage like that.

      • ijswamy said

        Relax Jiten , I am a Brahmin . It is not mandatory to praise dalits . If dalits hate Brahmins there is nothing to worry .

  9. Avinash said

    Ms. Meena Kandasamy is an OBC masquarading as “Dalit Activist”!

  10. khadeer said

    we the muslims of kurnool is support to beef festival and we assure to organizers we r ready to work with u

    • i j swamy said

      Poor pathetic pitiable proselytized perverted khadeer , Have hot dog (made from pig`s blood ) .I`ll pay for it . I am a BRAHMIN .We support pork festival .

    • Kumarpushp said

      khadeer Bhai ,we should organise the Beef festivals all over India lets hindu eat pork.120 million dalits and 120 million muslims should join together to finish these hindus from India

  11. Bharat said

    Dear Khadeer, We the Hindus in H’bad have plans to organize a grand pork eating festival, that includes Muslims. You are welcome as well !!!

  12. Bharat said

    It seems more like the so-called Dalit movement in India is being steered by India-Hindu-hating creatures,mostly promoting christian evangelism/endorsing the Jihadi violence. The Anti-Brahmin slogans is just a trick of Hindu hating Anti-Indians to drive a wedge in between the Hindus thereby destabilising the nation.Their vision is that those aggrieved in Hinduism would embrace Christianity en-masse;These moronic dalit enthusiasts are just used by them as a toy in their hands,

    • i j swamy said

      Anti Hinduism and Anti Brahminism is a DIRTY political trick of dalits to indefinitely perpetuate “reservations ” policy in the constituation . A touchable dalit is one who propagates against “reservations” .

  13. ecosoc said

    A dominant power may legitimate itself by promoting beliefs and values congenial to it; naturalizing and universalizing such beliefs so as to render them self-evident and apparently inevitable; denigrating ideas which might challenge it; excluding rival forms of thought, perhaps by some unspoken but systematic logic; and obscuring social reality in ways convenient to itself. Such `mystification’, as it is commonly known, frequently takes the form of masking or suppressing social conflicts, from which arises the conception of ideology as an imaginary resolution of real contradictions. (Eagleton: Ideology: An Introduction,1991 pp.5-6; see also Barthes: Mythologies, (maybe) 1970)

  14. paratrup2012 said

    I am a manuvadi. I was shivering. Send me some sweater and blankets

    • ijswamy said

      Only a pork festival in “pathabasthi” Hyderabad convinces me daring dashing progressive dalitism .If the beef eaten in that festival is from dead cows we all admire you for environmental sense .

  15. paratrup2012 said

    Wow I didn’t know “our” power was that much. Can even block Vasantha Kandasamy, a brilliant OBC’s, nobel prize. Yaaaay! Way to go Brahmins

  16. Proud to be Hindu said

    Dalits are also Hindus; beef eating is against Hindu culture but nowhere is it mentioned that such culture will be forced upon someone. If some Hindus (including Dalits) want to have beef they should be free to do so.

    My only message to Educated Dalits (Blog writers, etc) is to propagate importance of education not some crap about Beef eating. Hindus (including Dalits) should migrate to Tier I cities (after educating themselves) so that they can break-away from crap midset.

    I sincerely hope someday a true leader will emerge who will genuinely uplift economically backward Indians. And someday when we say Hindus it will mean everyone and need not say ‘including Dalits’ in brackets 😦

    Jai Hind. Jai Namo.

  17. Vedant said

    Dear dalitnation, but the religion you cherish i.e buddhism is against violence, one of basic principle behind buddhism is non-violence, even dr ambedkarji when giving pratigya to his disciples said “you should not eat meat,and you should not drink alchohol”.

  18. Sniper said

    All you meat eaters think of the following
    i) You people have more chances of catching some diseases passed from the animals
    ii) cholesterol,fat…
    iii)Imagine what if some one killed you and ate you or some one killed your family members and eat them. They would transport you in small overcrowded boxes.

  19. harish said

    Hey Cow-worshippers!
    I ask you this : Would you strip your own mother naked, put her in a tin-shed in her own shit, then would you milk her breasts daily and sell that milk to others for a profit?
    If your answers is NO , then please stop calling a cow your “mother”

    • Dignaga said

      Right! Stop calling Theresa your Mother Theresa; Is she your mother? and stop calling pastors for Church Father – Is he your Father; and Stop calling pope a pope – Is he your father?

    • vittal dr said

      neech. Because cow gives us milk, we call is as our mother. It shows our gratitude to it. For sinners like you, who eat its meat for dirty stomach, this type of gratitudeness can not be understood. Mental, your policy is either keep an animal in your room, dress it and allow it to shit at room or kill it and drink its blood. Great genious. This is the reason that your are backwards and remain backward for centuries.

  20. ijswamy said

    Cow for us is the mother . Gives us milk (milk) dung (manure) for farms .Bulls till the land and transport humans and luggage in carts . When cows need suits boots and tie we supply them . Cow is also our dear pet . Relax

    • Kumarpushp said

      Relax mr Swamy and go drink your Urine like your hindu Prime minister Mr Morar Ji desai was doing 120 million dalits are beef eater.

      • i j swamy said

        Kumarpushpji, you are also a Hindu . Please try Morarjibhai`s liquid yourself first and let everyone know about it . Cow is a pet also .I honour her .

      • i j swamy said

        If my pet cow dies , I`ll donate her beef to dalitnation members . They deserve food .

  21. priop said

    Amount of water needed to produce 1 kg beef is 15,400 litres; 210 litres for 1kg sugar cane; 290 litres for 1 kg potato; 280 litre for 1 kg cabbage; 4330 litres of 1 kg chicken ; 1 litre of cows milk needs 940 litres of water. As can be seen, vegetarian food makes ecological sense.

    • i j swamy said

      Cows die naturally or because of sickness . Instead of disposing of the carcasees eating that dead cow`s meat also makes ecological sense . Permit dalits to eat dead (not killed) animals .

      • Kumarpushp said

        Dalits donot eat dead cow we left for you hindus.we are killing hindu gau matta.

  22. Truth said

  23. K said

    Dude,wow u maintain a racist site?.how do u manage to think so narrow all the time

  24. K said

    Dude,wow u maintain a racist site?.how do u manage to think so narrow all the time.keep it up

  25. Kumarpushp said

    160 million dalits arein india and about 120 million muslims are in india and now time has come to annhilalte the hinduism from earth which is bad for dalits,muslims and christians.All muslims countries should throw these barbaric hindus from their countrys eg Sultanate of Oman ,about one million hindus,UAE about eight hundred thosand,Saudi about one million hindus ,Qatar eight hundred thousand,Baharine five hundred thousand,USA two million ,Europe about 2 million hindus are living.these barbaric hindus are melting petro dollar ,euros, and giving 10% of their earning to RSS<VHP<BJP who are in return killing dalits,christians ,muslims in India.time has come 160 million dalits and 120 million muslims should jointogether because both are beef eater and annhilate the hinduism from earth.Please donot do any thing to brahmins because they are only 3% so Please donot cut the branches cut the trees and pour mattha on their roots.

    • i j swamy said

      Dalits and Muslims can never stay united because dalits need PORK for survival . Forget about annihilating Hindus .

      • JGN said

        Kumarpushp is a Muslim pretending to be a dalit. When the Islamic invaders and European Christian colonizers could not annihilate the Hindus during nearly 900 years of their rule, how that is going to be achieved now?

      • i j swamy said

        Dalits are annihilating themselves with sub – sub quota reservation .

  26. kulkarni said


  27. kulkarni said


  28. kulkarni said

    iam a bramhin and want to eat dalit beef and taste dalit pussy i did same to your mother and ambedkar lets see how long you survive

  29. Kumarpushp said

    Dear JGN, 120 million muslims are giving night sweat to JGN and their bharat mata.120 million Pakistani has bambboed you and one billion hindus we feel how weak you hindus.are. go hide under peticoat of your mother .

    • Kumarpushp said

      we do not require hindu pussy Mr Kulkarni, keep for muslims eg Aswarya rai,Ms Basu,Indira gandhi,and other hindu women are fond of muslims so we do not need your mother or sister pussy.we do not bring world pussy since you are fond of word pussy so you got it.Brahma had raped his own daughter so you can imagine which clans you hindu belongs.

    • vittal dr said

      because you muslims are cowards you can not come out of your hot caves and keill each other and stone pregnant women to death. if you have guts come to india nd tell these words. YOu can bring all your 120 millin muslims and we will burn you alive. coward make noice. If you are not a coward why do you hide and write here come to a village or city and tell what you want. No one in the wodl like muslms, not to spek of indian women. you muslims are such coward that you fear for your woman and keep them under bHurkha fearing that the would go to great hindu boys. Even if we live our ladies free they neve like to see you. Why your pak laides comes here and get fucked here by our directros andheros to ger cinema chances here. Brhama did not rape any one,but your ugly muhamad raped children andis a phedophele.

  30. kulkarni said

    look who is answering the one who said in their article that aswarya rai is dalit has now suddenly become hindu I AM PRETTY SURE YOU BELONG TO MONGREL SPECIE OF DOG . AND AS FAR AS ISLAMIS ARE CONCERN THOSE SONS OF PIG DONT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO LIVE IN **HINDUSTAN**

  31. zyankor said

    Sometimes I come by this website…really I can’t stop laughing at this article. You mean to say all non beef eating human beings are stupid? I want to know who is the editor of this article as well as the other ones. I’ll give him a hug and show him some good things in life.

  32. realhindu said

    During Vedic time, meat eating was a common practice in this country. By citing several scriptures it can be shown that our seers or ṛiṣis were used to meat eating. But vegetarianism has become so prevalent, particularly in Northern India, today, that these vegetarians frown if any one tries to tell the truth. They cannot even imagine that Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā used to take meat regularly. It is a humble effort of this author to show that Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sīta were meat eaters by quoting several verses of the Vālmīki Rāmāya ṇa.

    The Verse 102 of 52nd Sarga of Ayodhyā Kāṇḍa in Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa says.

    Tau tatra caturo mahāmṛgān varāham ṛ śyaṃ mahārurum z

    Ādāya medhyaṃ tvaritaṃ bubhukṣitau vāsāya kāle yayaturvanasparitam zz(Ayodhyā/52/102)

    -Two Brothers ( Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa) after entering the area(the Vatsya Deśa), killed four beasts e.g. varāha, ṛṣ ā, pṛṣat and mahāruru and, as they were hungry, took the meat of those animals, and in the afternoon they took rest under a tree (tr. By Tarakanta Kavyatirtha, Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa, P M Bagchi and Company, Calcutta-6, p-177).

    Later on,

    Krośamātraṃ tato gatvā bhrātarau Rāmalakṣaṇau z

    Vahun medhyān mṛgān hatvā ceturyamunāvane zz (Ayodhyā/55/32)

    Then Rāma and Lakṣaṇa, by advancing hardly a couple of miles, arrived the forest on the bank of the River Yamuna, killed many animals and ate their meat (tr. Ibid, p-181).

    After reaching the Citrakūṭa mountain, Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa met Vālmīki at his āśrama and they decided to stay at the place for some time. So they built a hut and Rāma advised Lak ṣaṇa to make arrangements for the rite called Vāstuyāga and kill some animals for this.

    Bhrāturvacanamājñāya Lakṣaṇaḥ paravīrahā z

    Cakāra ca yathoktaṃ hi taṃ Rāmaḥ punaravrabīt zz

    Aiṇeyaṃ śrapayasvaitacchālāṃ yakṣyāmahe vayam z

    Tvaba soumyamuhūrtoyaṃ dhruva śca divaso hyayam zz (Ayodhyā/56/24,25)

    Lakṣaṇa ḥ carried out his brother’s instructions. Again Ram told him, “You coock the flesh of this deer you have hunted and we shall worship this hut with the coocked meat. This day is very auspicious called Dhruva and each and every moment of this day is also auspicious.” (tr. Ibid, p-182)

    Sa Lakṣaṇaḥ kṛṣṇa mṛgaṃ hatvā medhyaṃ pratāpvān z

    Atha cik ṣep saumitriḥ samiddhe jātavedasi zz

    Taṃ tu pakvaṃ smājñāya niṣṭaptaṃ chinnaśoṇitam z

    Lakṣaṇaḥ puru ṣabyaghramatha rāghabamabrabīt zz(Ayodhyā/56/26,27)

    – Lakṣaṇaḥ had already hunted a black-deer, brought the carcass at their hut, and now, according to the advice of Rāma, threw the caracass in fire. When he was confident that the caracass was fully roasted, he said, “ O brother, I have coocked the caracass of the black-deer and you, the adequately learned about the rituals of a jajña, may proceed and complete the rites.” (tr. Ibid, p-182-183). What they ultimately did with those coocked meat? Did they throw it away? Most rearsonable conclusion is, the ate those well-coocked meat.

    After arriving the bank of the River Mandakini, Ram began to describe the natural beauty of the place and to Narrate the situation Rāmāyaṇa says-

    Taṃ tadā darśayitvā tu maithilī girinimnagām z

    Niṣasāda giriprasthe sītāṃ māṃsena chandayan zz

    Idaṃ medhyaṃ svādu niṣṭaptamidamagninā z

    Evamānte sa dharmātmā sītayā saha rāghavaḥ zz (Ayodhyā/96/1,2)

    – So, Ramchandra travelled through the hills and the forests on the bank of the River Mandakini with Sita and then rested on a chunk of stone. Huge quantities of coocked flesh of deer was brought and Ram, to make Sita happy, told her, “It tastes good, it is coocked with fire and it is pure.” In this way, Ram, the righteous, began to dwell in that place (tr. Ibid, p-233).

    When Ram killed the demon Marich, who was in the disguise of a golden deer, Marich souted, “O Sita, O Lakshman.” Ram became perturbed to think what Sita and Lakshman would do by hearing his cry. So Ram

    Nihatya pṛṣataṃ cānya māṃsamādāya rāghavaḥ z

    Tvaramāṇo janasthānaṃ sasārābhimukhaṃ tadā zz (Araṇya/44/27)

    -He then killed another deer, ate its meat and hurridly ran towards the dwelling place(tr. Ibid, p-319).

    When Sita was talking to Ravana, who was in the garb of a sage, she said-

    Āgamiṣyati me bharta vanyamādāya puṣkalam z

    Rurūṇ godhān varāhāñca hatvā ādāyāmiṣaṃ vahu zz

    Sa tvaṃ nāma ca gotraṃ kulamācakṣava tatvataḥ z

    Ekaśca daṇḍakāraṇye kimartha carasi dvija zz (Araṇya/47/23-24)

    – My husband Ram will come back soon with many kinds of wild fruits and plentiful of meat by hunting ruru (a kind of deer), varaha (wild boar) and godha (iguana). Now you please be kind and tell me your name, your gotra (clan or lineage) to which you belong and what you are roaming in this lonely forest for?(tr. Ibid, p-323). It is difficult to understand from the verse that it was the usual practice of Ram to go into the forest for hunting wild animals. Why? The most reasonable reply is to eat the meat of those animals.

    After completing rites for the deadbody of Jaṭāyu

    Rāma atha sahasaumitrirvanaṃ gatvā sa vīryavān z

    Sthūlān hatvā mah āroh īnanutastāra taṃ dvijam zz (Araṇya/68/32)

    – Valourous Rāma, accompanied by Lak ṣmaṇa, went to the forest and killed several deers. And after that offered that meat to the gods as a rite for the departed soul of Jatāyu (tr. Ibid, p-352).

    When Rām killed the rākṣasa called Kabandha, the dying rākṣasa said

    Ghṛtapiṇḍopamān sthūlāṃstān dvijān bhakṣ ayiṣyatha z

    Rohitān vkratuṇḍāśca nalamīnāṃśca rāghava zz

    Pampāyāmiṣubhirmatsyāṃstatra rāma rabān hatān z

    Nistavakyakṣāṇayastaptānkṛ śānaikakaṇṭakān zz

    Tava bhaktyā samāyukto Lakṣmaṇaḥ sampradāsyati z (Araṇya/73/24,25,26)

    -After arriving that place you will eat birds that are fat like lumps of butter. In the waters of the River Pampā you will find various kinds of fish like Rohita, Cakratuṇḍa and Nalamīn. You will kill those fishes with your bow and arrow. Lakṣma ṇa will roast those fishes after ceaning and washing them properly. He will then serve you the coocked fishes with proper devotion.(tr. Ibid, p-358).

    When Ram hit Bali fataly, the dying Bali said,

    Pañca pañcanakhā bhakṣyā brahmakṣatreṇa rāghava z

    śalyakaḥ śvābidho godhā śaśaḥ kurmaśca pañcamaḥ zz (Kiṣkindhā/17/39)

    – O Raghava, rhinoceros, iguana, hare, porcupine and tortoise, these are known as five animals with claws. Brahmins and kṣatriyas are permitted to eat the flesh of these animals (tr. Ibid, p-389). There are several other verses in the Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa that conclusively prove that Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā used to take meat regularly when they were travelling in the forests, while they were in exile. After conquering Sri Lanka, when Ram visited the Asoka Vana, the guards brought for Ram various kinds of fruits and well-coocked meat for Ram to eat ( Vālmīki Rāmāya ṇa, by Tarakanta Kavyatirtha P M Bagchi and Company, Calcutta-6, p-867).

  33. Whatever i dont care about brahmins were meat eaters in ancient time.but they left eating meat many centuries ago because of influence of buddhism.
    So i request all dalits who call themselves buddhist to stop spoiling buddhism by killing cow or whatever animal it may be. Did buddha teach you to kill animals and eat their meat. I am a dalit and i dont feel proud of calling myself dalit .stop writing rubbish articles .

  34. amit said

    what does buddhism teach?
    vegeterian or nonvegeterian.

    think before writing.

  35. Hero said

    dumb n numb article utter ruthless:(f*****

  36. dalitkalund said

    All dalits are bullshit fuckers & motherfuckers. They are black pigs who are generated for serving uppercaste. They have no minds for any upper level works. Any big persons you see will be of upper caste only. As an example, nobody wants to go for any medical or other services to nay dalit persons. They may work in government organizatiobns as fucking reservations are there. These dalits are useless donkeyminded persons & should be removed from our society.


    All dalit people should be sent to african jungles to stay with thosee kind of people. All dalit ladies should be fucked in their asshole & should be punished. One of the major motherfucker in dalit history is their god BABASAHEBAMBEDKAR. This motherfucker only made reservatuions & made India dull & backward position. This babambedkar should be decorated with shoes raw. These dalits are really a thirdclass public in indian society.

    • I m a saivite Tamil sat sudra (vellalar) …and we sudras hate anti-saivite dalit mother fuckers…we will never cooperate with u filthy anti saivite dalit dogs…..we will wipe u filthy Muslim,Christian n anti saivite dalit motherfuckers out of India…

      • Kumarpushp said

        you Tamil were annihilated by Buddhist country and now you will get two finger in tamilnaidu.Your LTTE and brother of DMK got kick in there ass and now you will get kick in Tamilnaidu

  38. maverick said

    Hahahaha we will continue to oppose you, we will hunt you down like a pack of wolves, lets see with the response of our ABVP you have any guts to do this again ?

  39. Apply it to your face and neck for 5-10 minutes and your blemishes will be soothed almost right away.
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  40. vittal dr said

    so you want to tell that because we drink cow milk, you will dink its blood and kill its calf and kill all living creature except humans, because humans will not allow you to kill them. you even do not mind to kill your kids for your dirty stomach,but then people and your family members object it and so you do not do it. Because cow gives us milk we want to worship it, and you, ungratefully kill it after sucking its blood for 20 years. YOu have a great justification in killing all animals and eating it. YOu also have to eat its cunt, buttak, its dung, and may be its urine along with its flesh. WE do not do it. WE do nto kill it. We pay money for milk with the intention of nursing it, but you cruel people kill it after sucking its blood for 20 to 30 years. YOu do all sins of killings its calf and its kids. We never do it, and none of us said you to kill it. IF you do not sell us milm, we will bring them up and as a gratitude for its milk we do all sevice to it and will not kill its calf.This is what we vegetarins doing in the past. Show any instnce where vegetaiand killed the cow or calf. snakes can not undestand these sings and snakes remain always as snakes.

  41. vittal dr said

    you drink the milk of your mother and then why don’t you kill her, just like you kill the cow that give you milk. We treat even animals with kindness and you kill them and you say we are bad and you are good. YOu are saitans on earth.

    • Kabir Singh said

      is drinking milk of cow is vegetarianism and eating beef is a sin. but milk is produced in cow (or any other animal) is for its calf. If your mother produces milk would you like to share it with your neighbours .As cow is mother and a cow’s milk is drunk by many people then your mother also offers her milk to many people.
      eating meat(beef,chicken,sea food) is not a sin, but torturing animals is a sin. If you think Cow is mother then you should not drink it’s milk cos it is for it’s calf.
      According to Guru Nanakji discussion on vegetarianism is a waste of time and people who discuss this are fools.

  42. human being said

    Note:I am a dalit
    You hate brahmins. You hate caste system. Understandable. But you slaughter defenseless poor animals and coduct festivals. What makes you think that beef is food of dalits. You fucking morons ever seen a cow being sluaghterd? Cow is fully conscious and aware animal. When you slaughter a cow it feel fear and agony as much as human beings may be more. A cow is emotionally equal to an adult human but its intelligence equal to a child. Who feels more fear and distress a child or an adult? You kill a cow means you kill child. Now how would you feel if slaughter children and celebrate it. Anybody who kill any mammal(be it elephant, horse , cow, sheep). Why would a cow mourn when its child dies. Do you think an animal is just a bundle of organs? American turn vegetarian(millions of them) yet in the land of mahavir shows no mercy to animals. Shame on you. You hate brahmins abvp etc. Go and slaughter them I would have worshipped you as a warrior. But you cowards kill poor amimals which knows nothing about brahmins or dalits. May be you are evil in your core. May be you a real shudra and should be marginalised. How does beef or meat become dalit’s need? Does elephant or rhino eat meat? Or does chimpanzee eat meat? It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that meat has no additional benefit apart from taste. Go to PETA website. Do you think organisation like PETA are run by brahmins? What does meat have in excess than vegetables? Essential fatty acids not protein(even rice contains protein) Which part of the body needs EFA? Brain not muscles. Which means that brahmins chose wrong food for their profession. Brahmins are the victim. But brahmins do well in all professions(such as doctors,engineers, scientists etc.) all over the world. Does that mean brahmins eat meat secretly? You may think so. The truth is benefits of meat is just a rumour spread by christians and muslims. That means you are an agent of those “anti-war meat eater” religion. It is no coincidence that the event organised in Osmania. Truth is human body needs only plant based food irrespective one’s profession. But why did brahmins choose “grass”? Does it make any sense that they made rules by which dalits are exploited(which is true history is the witness). And they choose not to kill any animal. Brahmins could’ve easily made up rules about killing cows and enjoying their meat. Does the word compassion mean anything to you? You are selfish and you would kill even human being. Now if it is told to you that cow or bull is person in a different form. Would it have stopped you from killing them? Absolutely not. So in order save defensless cows it had been named as GOMATA. A status higher than human hoping it would save them. Mother or god you would kill. All sages in history (vivekanada, sri narayana guru, the list is endless) have clarified it caste is based on quality of character of a person not his birth. What would you do if you were a nuclear scientistAmbedkar accepted buddhism (needless to say vegetarian). There are so many dalit castes in north india who are vegetarians. Brahmins of the past deserved death. Do you know who else deserve it? Present day people like you who call themselves dalits but actually are not. One who committs gruesome acts for which others in the community will be held responsible. I am the real dalit (the marginalised).

    • DrIsmail boxwala said

      I think the debate should be viewed logically beef eating hurts religious sentiments and the majority have a right to their beliefs , eating beef for most hindus has direct consequences in the afterlife if one goes by scriptures , but practically what do farmers do with bullocks ? Can the government make enough goushalas ? The whole issue has to be assest at a religious and practical level!

      Peace to all

  43. sk said

    WOW-the worst of both sides is shown here. If Indians had guns, there would be 24 x 7 civil war in this country.
    People comparing people who eat meat to cannibals, The internet has led to publication of Indians rapist genocidal thoughts on other people is there for all to see..

    If you raise the animal,then learn to dispose of the carcass yourself instead of forcing others to do it – sell it, burn it, recycle it but you won’t do that, you’ll force dalits to do it for you. A

  44. Isa said

    Reblogged this on Onions and Everything Inflatable.

  45. Raj Jagzap said

    If vegitables are cheaper to the earnings of poorest of poor, you need not have statistics of biomass and bulletmass. Poor creatures, don’t know EARTH is going to end and NO religion can save it from happening so.
    One thing sure, …. Its the question …. are you ALL wise enough to realise UNCERTAINTY of how you think?
    Common there can be a COMMON – limited – acceptance for ‘how’ we think… process….??? 😉

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