Ancient Yoga exercises are only 120 years old

It took a British author Mark Singleton to nail the lies of Hindutva yoga peddlers. He has clearly proved beyond doubt that the systems of yoga exercises popular all over the world are not more than 120 years and plagiarized from European gymnastics. Yoga was popularized in India and abroad last century by the Iyengari Krishnamacharya (his disciples like Pattabhi Jois and B K S Iyengar), the obese Swami Sivananda (and the hordes of gluttonous greeedy swamis he spawned) and Yogendra (Yoga Institute, Mumbai).

The feudal king of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar (the fourth) was one of the key figures of the Hindu renaissance. The Wodeyar rulers were dummy rulers who were put into power by the British after the freedom fighter Tippu Sultan was assassinated by the British-Brahmin colonizers. The Wodeyars clan were a bunch of British sycophants whose main function was to loot the rich natural resources of Karnataka for the consumption of the British. The British provided these feudal lords all the protection and throw them some crumbs from their left overs.

The Wodeyars appointed Krishnamacharya as the Physical Training teacher for the palace along with several other European trainers. It is here that the shrewd Iyengari learnt the gymnastic physical postures and cooked up a mystical lineage for this and named it Yoga. It is the second nature of Brahmins to cook up such stories just like their cock and bull Puranas. The upper caste Hindu nationalists took no time in adopting this so called ‘Ancient Exercises’ into their mind cult curriculum in their shakas.

The editor of Dalitnation had many interaction with these yoga Gurus in our school life. In one instance at our high school in Mysore the fat pot bellied Pattabhi Jois once visited for a lecture and told us about the benefits of these ancient exercises supposedly revealed by their rishis. Many of us able bodied strong Dalit students laughed at the silly physical education lessons given by this pot bellied Brahmin. Pattabhi Jois talked about vegetarianism and how due to vegetarianism Brahmins are the most intelligent. At that time as an young boy we stood up and asked him if that were the case why Brahmins have not produced great scientists like Einstien, Newton, Copenicus, Neils Bohr and such. All these fellows were non-vegetarians. Even the so called Brahmin geniuses like Bhaskaracharya, Panini and others were not vegetarians.

We are now watching with glee when modern scholarship debunking all the lies of these Brahmins.


  1. N,Kailasam said

    You have well exposed the tricks of bramins who are the destroyers of the indian economy.

  2. lenin said

    it is true to anybody as we read the essay.but the Brahmans portrayed the yoga as a physical exercise.but it is not real.any parks or beaches they seem to be there showing themselves ,physically sound as well.
    pitiful state will they be reaching in time.

  3. Lean Swami Yogi said

    “if that were the case why Brahmins have not produced great scientists like Einstien, Newton, Copenicus, Neils Bohr and such. All these fellows were non-vegetarians. ”

    If what you say was really the case, why haven’t dalits and other able bodied non vegetarians in india produced any scientists like Einstien, Neils Bohr and others. Atleast, why didn’t Dalits use their intelligence and get out of the stranglehold of their oppressors.
    BTW, C V Raman was an Iyer Brahmin from Bangalore and he is the only scientist from Asia who is close to being in the league of Albert Einstien. He was a Veggie. So were Srinivas Ramanujam, Subramaniam Chandrashekar, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, CNR Rao, Raja Ramanna, Prof Yashpal all brahmins and accomplished in science.

    • truth said

      You are asking the wrong question. Intelligence does not come by being a Brahmin or Dalit, it comes from proper education. Brahmins denied education to Dalits. If they had not, then we could have compared. If you want to compare then compare Brahmins with other ruling classes elsewhere in the world. The only thing they have done better is oppression, subjugation and cruelty, with their vegetarian diet. And you are missing the point. All those you have mentioned may be good, but not in the same league as Einstein, Bohr and others and their being non vegetarian didn’t stop them from being one of the most intelligent people of all time.

      • Petty Boy said

        You cannot blame brahmins all the time. What were the dalits and others doing. Why couldnt they create knowledge. Universal education only came into force in modern societies from 1700. Earlier there were universities in Indian like Nalanda and Takshashila where Brahmins and Buddhist studied. Brahmins were never priveliged to any other great education and neither were they in power all the time.

    • K. Gopalkrishnan said

      There is no point in explaining things to Daliths. Their vision is short so is their comprehensions What can you say to the man who prefers to follow a foreigner and accepts yoga as only 120 years old Hindu Rishis were practicing yoga belong to several thousand years now.It is better to leave dalits at that as otherwise they may try to pose competitions to us. More unformed they are, the better for others

      • Suryasena Sharma said

        Well said. There are texts dating back thousands of years mentioning Yoga, but these idiots think it is 150 years old. Gymnasts and Yoga. Laughable! Anyways, if it is less than just 2 centuries, then somehow they managed to lose all knowledge of all the variations of Gymnastics. But, Brahmins here remembered and innovated further variations. Wow. That is commendable in itself.

        If history is to be believed, then the Bharatiyas fought for independence from the British colonisers and not from the Brahmins. They should also look at the entymology of the word Dalit. It is quite evident that they have been able to remain so ignorant for so many centuries, not cause of any external influences but cause of their clear inability to comprehend and grasp ideas. bristish were experts in ‘Divide and Rule’ and we are still suffering its effects. They have managed to do an amazing job. Their efficacy has to be admired. They managed to divide, create hatred among Bharatiyas, make Bharatiyas loathe and be shameful of Vedic traditions, interpret the Varna system as a rigid caste distinction, create stooges among the native people who till date continue to lick their “arses”, see the Deva-Devi through their lenses of sexual perversion, rewrite history and plant endearing ass-lickers in Bharat. They must have great laughs at their little tea-parties, looking at the situation and arguments in our country.

    • Sundaram said

  4. guymax said

    I don’t get it. What’s important about being good at physics? Seems to do more harm than good on the whole.

  5. babu said

    yes really its true ,,,these Brahmins create cock and bull stories and they accomplish themselves as great scholars and reality they are not intelligent …but act as if they r intelligent….they cause trouble to the innocent dalits ,,by their crooked and inhuman ways,and pose as if they were intelligent…I pity them for their inhuman, iniquitous,behavioural attitude..

  6. Petty Boy said

    This is news to me. I always thought that Yoga is only ten years old and was invented by Shilpa Shetty. And as rightly deduced by the scholarly dalitnation, Shilpa shetty is a bunt who is the same caste as VTR and hence shudra/dalit. And hence Yoga was a dalit invention which has been asurped by Hindus.

    • Dr Shastri said

      Perfect. You can sell this thesis to Cambridge university and like Mark Singleton get a PHD.

  7. Pot Belly said

    The fat pot bellied Pattabhi Jois lived a full healthy 93 years. His guru T Krishnamacharya lived upto 100. The other disciple B.K.S Iyengar is 95 and is still going strong. There are other students in this lineage who have lived long healthy lives: J Krishnamurthi (92), Indira Devi (102) are two famous ones. Whatever your criticisms of these teachers they have inspired people to live long and healthy lives.

  8. Rightist said

    I would ask you morons to immediately go the library and browse through the works of George Weston Briggs and James Haughton Woods, both secular, white scholars, and experts in the Yoga system and its hoary tradition… Don’t take my suggestion lightly because you bastards have really reached the terminal state of your stupidity… There is only one way out for you people… Immediately convert to Brahminism and fight for your natural rights, i.e., to serve the upper castes… You have no right to jeopardize the social fabric by your stupid tirades and slogans…

  9. Yes, the dalits were denied education by brahmins. But for the last 5o odd years you have been given an equal opportunity to read and write and irrspective of how you read and wrote- you would still get jobs. That’s also ok.

    But you cant claim that as a defence anymore. You have privileged access to education at the cost of poor brahmin boys. We produced such scholars (meaning CV raman, Chandrashekhar etc.,) when we had privileged access to education. What are you doing when you have the same privileged access to education? .nothing. not one useful thing. So stand up and work harder instead of blaming us.

    • babu said

      yes really u r explanation is superb….but please ,,for u r kind information you don’t know the real facts, how the government and the society is giving privileged access to education to the dalits….why don’t the govt..give an access to convent education for poor dalits. why don’t they give corporate education to dalits. the thing is they give education of poor standard to dalits.. why don’t they give international standard English education….we dalits cant afford the better English for u and u r society ,, u persons can afford costly convent education as u r land lords from u r fore fathers where u got the land from dalits by cheating them,,as they have lack of education…so I kindly suggest u to please recite your bledy vedas and Upanishads….and not to entertain English education…we dalits are absolutely in need of English I here by advise and suggest u not to go to foreign countries…you can hereby practice , invent,,discover in indian methods,,by using vedas and Upanishads…so plz give better English convent education to poor dalits…..Brahmins can practice vedas and Upanishads ….and they can develop Vedic sciences….so its my suggestion to Brahmins that they have to bring agitation against English education…and to convey all Brahmins not to practice English convent educaton.., instead practice vedas in hard working manner…

      • Suryasena Sharma said

        Babu…lol! One word. Reservations (Zero Merit – Zero Output)

  10. Jai Bhim said

    Dear Editor,

    Who are you in the real world? I’m just curious. What’s your job? You don’t have to divulge identities, I’m just curious to know how far enlightenment has spread.

  11. VPS said

    Myth of vedic mathematics

    check this link

  12. Budhha_rising said

    thanks for opening my eyes and saving me from evil practices of yoga.. I hate Brahmin.. they are conspiracy masters.. we have been used by brahmins for so many centuries.. thanks to mark shingleton and my Christian and Muslim brothers.. now its time to become their mindless servants (Das)

  13. KK said

    Yo Morons(Fans of Dalitnation)!! Yo People(Others) Dalitnation is a waste of time. . Get the hell out here!!

  14. sathyanie said

    When you cant dance you complain that the floor is not level. Please stop playing victim and face life like a MAN.

  15. Sonia said

    Socialists defending Islam

    To support Islam in the name of democracy is no different from being ”the stupid steer which licks the knife of the butcher”, as you go on licking, the knife would cut your throat sooner or later…

    Wake up from your sleep of negligence before it’s too late…


  16. k sarma said

    You all looks to me anti nationals. suffering from brain disorder..

  17. soumodeep bose said

    wow a site full of traitors and paki pigs. Dalits are not like you morons. They are proud hindus and fought along with us against muslims.

  18. Shivakumar said

    I often speak out against Brahmanism. But dont throw the baby out with the bathwater
    Type ‘Yoga in ancient egypt’ and look at the google images
    It is NOT from european gymnastics. If anything, european gymnastics came from ancient African or Asian exercises

  19. siddarth said

    Hey dalit fuckers I think you guys are seriously jealous about brahmins and who ever mfucker who wrote this shows how maniac he is and I think even Google will laugh at you for this fucking information and last but not the least ambedkar is a mother fucker

    • Dalitsfree said

      exactly…idiots..they need everything for free. They are ready for anything to get free..

  20. Dalit Yoga! said

    Historically yoga was never the domain of brahmins. Don’t take white peoples’ word for it, do your own research into your own cultures and traditions. Yoga was largely created, practiced and spread by non-brahmins and people who opted to live on the margins of society, outside of the caste organized cities and towns.

  21. TVs chan said

    Yoga was certainly very ancient but never intellectual property of shrewd Brahmins. These were the discovery of many Siddhars in the past and finally consolidated by Siddhar Patanjali a pure non Brahmin from Tiruchirapalli. As usual they have usurped this cultural heritage and made it their own property and branded it as if it is a Brahmins heritage. Even Carnatic music wasn’t their heritage. M S Subbulakshmi herself wasn’t born Brahmin. Just because she had great success in Carnatic music immediately some Brahmin schemed ,managed to get married to her and all her achievements became their property

  22. Ankur Pandey said

    That is a lot of hate in one article! I guess, as brahmins, we deserve most of it. There is a lot of hurtful stuff said in the comments section too, by people about dalits and lower castes. I would ignore them, for clearky, they have not studied or researched, and are primarily spouting opinions which they hear within their own socio-cultural echo chambers.

    That being said, i must also say that hate blinds. This article is clearly demonstrative of that truism. This article is pure hate speech. And that is okay. The hate is only demonstrative of the fact that indian society, especially upper castes, have not yet made a sincere enough effort to listen, acknowledge, grive and atone for the crimes commited against the outcastes, and the underprivileged of indian society, for at least 2000 years, loosely represented by the term Dalit today.

    The more we are unwilling to listen, as society, the more this hate will increase, and more disharmony there will be. No amount of reservations and constitutional amendments and articles will heal the millenia old mistrust, trauma and bitterness, until civil society as whole takes responsibility.

    All that said, the article and what it insinuates is not accurate at all. The writer is so eager to malign the brahmins that she/he has gine kn to effectively lie about the traditions of India. Firstly, yoga as just physical exercise is not yoga. At its best, it could qualify as asana, which is part of Hatha yoga. Please google Asana. On wikipedia you would find sources of asana in indian traditiinal systems:

    The Goraksha Samhita (10-11th century AD), or Goraksha Paddhathi, an early hatha yogic text, describes the origin of the 84 classic asanas. Although it mentions and describes only two in detail: the siddhasana and the padmasana.

    The Hatha Yoga Pradipika (15th century AD) specifies that of these 84, the first four are important, namely the siddhasana, padmasana, bhadrasana and simhasana.

    The Hatha Ratnavali (17th century AD) is one of the few texts to attempt a listing of all the 84, although 4 out of its list do not have meaningful translations from the Sanskrit, and 21 are merely mentioned without any description. In all, 52 asanas of the Hatha Ratnavali are confirmed and described by the text itself, or other asana corpora.

    The Gheranda Samhita (late 17th century AD) asserts that Shiva taught 8,400,000 asanas, out of which 84 are preeminent, and “32 are useful in the world of mortals.” These 32 are: siddhasana, padmasana, bhadrasana, muktasana, vajrasana, svastikasana, simhasana, gomukhasana, virasana, dhanurasana, mritasana, guptasana, matsyasana, matsyendrasana, gorakshana, paschimottanasana, utkatasana, sankatasana, mayurasana, kukkutasana, kurmasana, uttanakurmakasana, uttanamandukasana, vrikshasana, mandukasana, garudasana, vrishasana, shalabhasana, makarasana, ushtrasana, bhujangasana, and yogasana.

    In Shiva Samhita (17–18th century AD) the poses ugrasana and svastikasana replace the latter two of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

    Śrītattvanidhi is a treatise written in the 19th century. One of its sections, includes instructions for and illustrations of 122 postures, making it by far the most elaborate text on asanas in existence before the twentieth century.

    As you can see there are mentions of asana and postures in yoga centuries before the europeans even set foot in India, leave alone the british rule. The sadhus and yogis have been practicing these for really really long time.

    I understand your hate. But in your hate please do not disown your own culture and history. Yes there has been immense discrimination against the lower castes, yea there have been crimes commited through milkenia against lower castes. As a brahmin, i own up to all the crimes and mistakes of my forefathers. And i am fully in support of dismantling oppressive social structures and working for a better society by forming new ones. But i cannot, stand and watch dismantling an entire culture too! Because india IS an ancient culture, with immense cintribution to humanity. Its spiritual traditions, cultural practices, sciences and philosophies are unparalleled. We have a history of thousands of years of deep spiritual research, across the caste and class barriers, which is invaluable to human experience. Let us not disregard all our heritage. Because it is your heritage too! As you(dalits) are us. And we are one. Your contribution to our civilization is as great, if not greater, than the brahmins of this subcontinent. Please do not forsake your roots in your hate.

  23. RG said

    Your post has many valid points against Brahmins but just so you know, Albert Einstein was actually a vegetarian. He has a famous quote “Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” He didn’t say this for religious reasons like brahmins do though.

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