Rohit Vemula Completely Exposes Manuwadis Through His Sacrifice

Rohit Vemula was a disciple of Kancha Ilaiah. We at Dalit Nation have been impressed by Rohit and his group when they successfully conducted the Beef Festival in the Hyderabad University. When Rohit was ensnared by the Brahmincal communists it was the revolutionary thinking of Kancha Ilaiah which enlightened Rohit to come back to the revolutionary ideas of Ambedkar. This caused jitters among the ABVP Manuwadis.

It took the ultimate sacrifice of the life of Rohit Vemula to expose the cruel machinations of the Manuwadis. The HRD minister and VC forced the brilliant Dalit scholars out of their hostels and stopped their stipends. The ABVP goons even faked an assault to complain to their masters to rusticate these five brilliant scholars. Manuwadis are now trying to tarnish the image of Rohit. This is the way Manuwadis operate. First their leaders shed crocodile tears, then they slowly digest revolutionary Dalit ideas and as an icing on the cake they tarnish the image and reputation of Dalits.

First thing the ABVP and RSS criminals did after the suicide was create the propaganda that Rohit was not a Dalit of Mala caste. They claim that Rohit is from Vaddhera caste (BC) and not Mala (SC). Just because Rohit’s father is from the landowning Vaddhera caste that doesn’t make him Vaddhera. These patriarchal crooks did not realize that Rohit’s mother was a Mala scheduled caste woman who was adopted by his Vaddhera grandmother. Now Manuwadis are spreading stories that this story of Rohit’s mother converting from BC to SC is fake.

The RSS crooks are also now questioning what scientific publications has Rohit published to lay claim to being a scholar. They write and talk in their news channels that Rohit spent all his time organizing Beef Festival, protest hanging of Yakub Memon and screening of the Muzzafurnagar movie and never spent any time on research. They write articles that Rohit wanted to be like Carl Sagan but Karl Marx ruined him. These people do not understand that Dalits have to first struggle before they can start doing any meaningful research as they are completely discriminated.

Another innovative attack by Manu Joseph (upper caste convert to Christianity named after Manu, the founder of caste system) suggested that Rohit was suffering from clinical depression and hence committed suicide. He quotes the thoughts of Rohit where he talks about alienation and the accident of his birth as evidence for depression.  This joker suggests that instead of taking his life Rohit should have taken psychiatric treatment. He says the film star Deepika Padukone had depression and cured herself through Psychiatric drugs and Rohit should have followed a similar line of treatment. Comparing the rich and famous upper caste Saraswat Brahmin Deepika Padukone with Rohit Vemula should be the height of journalistic stupidity. But such are the journalists in our Manuwadi country.

Rohit Vemula’s suicide has lit the flame of the Ambedkar revolution in India. This is the begging of the end of Manuwadis. We at Dalitnation say ‘Jai Bheem’ aloud as a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of Rohit Vemula. You will live in our hearts.


  1. lalit mohan ramajan said

    Thanks a lot for information of Dalit nation. Will I get any magazine related to it?

    Yours faithfully, Rev. Lalit.

    On 1/30/16, Dalit Nation – The Only Authentic Voice of Dalits

  2. somerevolutionary said

    Keep blabbering like Morons. Like some brahmin here said, All you Dalits can do is TALK, TALK and TALK.

    No action.

    How about a revolution?.

    Ping me back if any dalit is interested.

  3. Manu is Great! said

    Assholes- I am letting the RAW loose on you.

  4. Harry Truman said

    It is not understandable why all the articles in this web site is containing only anti Brahmin idealism. Is it good to pour poison on a caste or religion without any respect and honor. These days freedom and equality are acceptable world wide. It is better to keep focus on development and peace and harmony. Don’t try to boost up anti social ideology. Rohit Vemula is really immature to commit suicide. No person with rationale thinking will commit suicide to achieve his ideology.

  5. p1warkad said

    You call anti national activities as revolution! What you people want.? You people ruining this country. No other peoples other than ‘Jai Bheem’ have any problems. The real sufferer never get the justice but peoples like you yells justice. Its no more need for you people, its your habit now. Give up this mentality. What will you do if whole country becomes Jai bheem like Shrilanka, Myanmar etc. You cant beg to other countries later that. Only you can yell at human rights. So dont be a begger be human and do hard work to gain something.
    Bheem is also popular Hindu idol. so I hope you should not use his name. Dr Ambedkar was a great personality but he never wanted what is going on now. He wanted to make strong you people, he never wanted you to become a begger. So at least respect him and do some adorable exemplary work for your society and nation.

  6. vinit said

    1). Dilip’s mother and sister rush for saving Dilip and get themselves badly beaten. Soon they drag Dilip out of the hut into the courtyard. Ramesh Bhutekar, the most educated person in Bhutegaon, who is a professor in a college in Jalana, pours kerosene on him and sets him ablaze. Dilip’s mother and sister rush to save him and also get burnt………. Culprites not Brahmins

    2)Kalpana Ankush Thorat belonging to Matang community and Ayodhhya Sandipan Surashe belonging to Sawarna community, Kalpana was abused in the caste name- ‘Mangate majale’……….Culprites not Brahmins

    3)Savarnas burnt down huts of Nagnath Kamble and other Dalits. When Nagnath Kamble sat on fast unto death along with his family…….,Culprites not Brahmins

    Vidarbh-Marathwada a Dalit bridegroom was paraded in the village with his shoes on his head for the crime of entering the Hanuman Temple……..Culprites not Brahmins

    The Savarnas have imposed collective boycott on the Dalits in Asola (lakh) village in Aundha Nagnath taluka and stopped giving them water……….Culprites not Brahmins

    A Dalit woman was beaten, her house was devastated and she as dragged and humiliated by the Savarna people at Moregaon in Selu taluka of Parabhani district…….Culprites not Brahmins

    from Bhutegaon, at Karandgaonwadi, a clash between one Narayan Lahane of Buddhist community Savarna caste on the issue of a pathway between farms, culminated in death of a Savarna person and serious injury to the three Dalit persons………Culprites not Brahmins

    8): Savarna attack a Dalit- Madhav Male at Shahapur in Deglur Taluka with public declaration because Male refused to give his Gayaran land for building Mahadev temple…….Culprites not Brahmins

    (You Chambhars appear to be enjoying [cultivation]. We will see how you Chambhars cultivate this land) Angry over Dhondiba’s victory in the court of the
    Bharat was beaten up by more than one person forover 10 minutes, and suffered a fracture of his left arm and bruises all over his body……..Culprites not Brahmins

    10)DALIT YOUTH EYE GOUGED-the Sategaon village in Nanded,20 houses are of the dalit Matang community,………Culprites not Brahmins

    11)DALIT BOY HANG IN AFFIRES CASE-, Nitin Aage, had been allegedly killed by a group for daring to speak to an upper-caste girl…………Culprites not Brahmins

    12)On 25 April, Umesh Agale, who belonged to the Matang caste (a Dalit caste), was stabbed to death in a field close to Deopur village in Kannad block of district Aurangabad. Agale was suspected of having a love affair with a girl from a dominant caste……… Culprites not Brahmins

    13) In the Jalna district, Nanegaon Dalit sarpanch Manoj Kasab was assaulted on April 3, 2014 by former sarpanch ……………………… Culprites not Brahmins

    14)Nitin Aghe belonging to the Mahar caste, out of his school, and paraded him through the village before attacking him with sticks and rods. He was later strangled to death with a rope and then hanged from a tree…… Culprites not Brahmins

    15) Adoli village of Washim district of Vidarbha region on 15 April, four children and 14 others were severely injured in stone pelting The injured were part of a peaceful rally marking Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary…………………..Culprites not Brahmins

    16) Dalit sarpanch Datta Haribhau Kamble, 48, of Umra village in Parbhani district, who is battling for life after being set upon and attacked by upper-caste……Culprites not Brahmins

    17)in Ansurda village near Osmanabad,have been ostracised by the villagers where songs dedicated to Dr Ambedkar were played on the loudspeaker. few youngsters objected to the songs, and demanded that songs dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji be played instead…….Culprites not Brahmins

    18)A mob of over 60 men and women allegedly attacked the Dalit basti of Rajwada in Shevge Dang village, Nashik district, on Sunday, causing serious head injuries to 13 men…………..Culprites not Brahmins
    19)A Dalit youth in the temple town of Shirdi in Maharashtra was crushed to death for allegedly having an Ambedkar song as his mobile ringtone………Culprites not Brahmins

    20)The recent attacks on Dalits and other backward classes (OBC) [in Maharashtra state] is being seen as an attempt to suppress the voice of Dalit/other backward classes for having opposed reservations for Upper Cast OBC activists who merely attended a political rally were arrested for promoting caste conflict…………Culprites not Brahmins

    21) DALLIT WOMAN PAREDED NECKED-In Beed, two women were paraded naked in their village while an activist was brutally beaten up for raising his voice when talking to so-called upper caste leaders…….Culprites not Brahmins

    22) on 20th October 2014. Sunil was cut in two pieces, waist down and his penis was battered. His father Sanjay Jagannath Jadhav was also attacked in the same way. His mother Jayashri Sanjay Jadhav was struck on her head and her ear was cut……………… Culprites not Brahmins

    23) ATTACK ON DALLIT AND OBC-Baban Misal had brought to light the corruptions of Kailash Jadhav (upper caste opponent of Victim) in administeringStudents’ Hostel. Babanrao had also started to demolish all wine shops owned by Kailash Jadhav in order to protect thepeople living in the area from Alcohol abuse.5th July 08, while he was going to Jamkhed from Sonegaon with his friend a car numberedMH-12 YA- 7929 dashed his motorbike from behind. He got thrown on the road. All the six accused caught him. A scuffle ensued between them. But since the accused possessed axes,daggers & sickles, they overpowered them and threatened his friend Shaym Sathe to leave the place………..Culprites not Brahmins

    24)ATTACK ON DALLIT AND OBC-Late Sahebrao Jondhale was living in Karanjala with his wife, two daughters & a son.On the night of June 16, 2008 while returning home in his Tata Sumo, vehicle, he was charred to death in Karanjala
    village of Hingoli District in Marathwada region……..Culprites not Brahmins

    25) Mrs. Suhshilabai Pawar belonged to Pardhi tribe community; living with her only son Santosh Pawar and daughter in law Vimalabai Pawar in Mungi village of Latur district, Maharashtra. On 31/12/2007, when she was sitting in her house with her son and daughter in law,accused came inside, and asked victim’s son about his wife and offered 60 rupees to take her away.Hearing this, Mr. Santosh Pawar got angry and called other community members. Victim Sushilalbai slapped and threw the accused out of her house.Frustrated and infuriated, accused victim’s house with other accused They started abusing the victims’ family by calling them by their caste name…………… Culprites not Brahmins

    26)Khadki village is situated in Beed district There are only five houses of dalits in the village. Mr. Popat Waghmare, a dalit, lives withhis four brothers and their families in the village.Waghmare belonging to Mang caste (ex-untouchable), was elected the sarpanch of this village people started disagreeing and non-cooperating with the dalit sarpanch discussions in gramsabha on corruption, Upper Cast two accused went out and burnt four houses of Waghmare family. When thepeople from Waghmare family came to know about this, they ran towards their houses and tried to control the fire. Butunfortunately the hoses were burnt badly…….Culprites not Brahmins

    27) Diksha and Panchashila are residents of Shindi village, Beed district, Maharashtra. Diksha’sfamily belongs to newly Converted Buddhist fold which comes under Schedule Caste.Diksha is studying B.A.Diksha and her elder sister, Suvarna’s daughter named Priya (age 4) were
    returning from the fields, accused abused them on caste lines “Dhedgyano Lay Mazlat kay ani amahala vicharayachi tumachi maharachi himmat hai ka?” (“You untouchables have no right to ask whatever we do) The four accused then started hurling abuses of caste and mother.beating them by hands, legs, sticks and iron rods; they smashed girls on chick, hand,chest, and waist and pulled their hairs. and threatened to kill them. They brought thembeating to the village……Culprites not Brahmins

    28)Rohidas Tupe, a brilliant and smart young boy belonging to Mang community.Vaishali was Rohidas’s class mate in his school. She belonged to an upper caste.Vaishali got attracted to his personality and naturally fall in love with Rohidas.On the fateful day of 23rd Feb 2009 villagers gathered and caught him.They started beating him. They took him to statue of KingShivaji where his cloths were removed. Rohidas was tied to an electricity poll and was beaten by mob. Villagers threw chillipowder and salt on his wounds. When Rohidas asked water to drink, the accused, urinated in hismouth. Kerosene was thrown over his body. Rohidas died soon…….Culprites not Brahmins

    29) A former Maharashtra legislative council member, the 63-year old has been charged with raping three women who were working as temporary cooks at a residential tribal school he runs at Jakatwadi in Satara,- married and aged between 30-35 – alleging raped them under the lure of making them permanent employees of the school……….Culprites not Brahmins

    30) Wednesday sentenced Accused to life imprisonment.a dalit woman who was 30 years old was gang raped by thec onvicted youths on the evening of September 3, 2003 at around 7.30pm………..Culprites not Brahmins
    31) RAPE ON 4 YEARS INFANT DALLIT GIRL-She was raped by a 17-year-old boy in Karad’s Kathavli village on Friday, police said on Saturday. Source: The Hindu January 29, 2012…………..Culprites not Brahmins
    32)On September 24, a 16-year-old Dalit girl in Maharashtra’s Dhule district was gang-raped twice in broad daylight, Surekha is from the Mahar caste. She was first gang-raped by four upper-caste men ……….Culprites not Brahmins

    33) Rekha was assaulted because her son Amol allegedly eloped with a girl Anita from Mulgaon village in Karad, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s hometown………………..Culprites not Brahmins

    34) Saturday, March 6, 2004 (Mumbai): On Thursday, a group of Upper Cast attacked 80 Dalit homes in Shinde village in Maharashtra, 150 kilometres from Mumbai. 22 Dalits, including children were badly hurt in the attack……Culprites not Brahmins
    But why are you were targeting to Brahmins, are you realy affreding to original culprits?

    • Raj Seghal said

      What happens to Dalit really pulls at my heart
      but the way i want to fight it isn’t through attacking hinduism
      it is through telling hindus to stand against this, this a humanitarn issue not a anti hindu movement, but now the question is do you care more about Dalit or propogating christianity?
      because at the rate your going, most hindus won’t gravitate towards you anti-hindu message. I request you my brother, even if you consider yourself a christian(which is 100% fine) to focus on convincing hindus to condemn caste based discrimination.

    • The Ant Monniker said

      Bullshit facts.

  7. sisya said

    lol….there is a reason why you are called dalits. can’t think anywhere else apart from the dirty hole you’ve at the back

  8. Raj Seghal said

    I hate brahmin supermists but i dont hate hinduism. there needs to be distinction between fighting against the caste system and fight hinduism.
    if islam doesn’t equal terror
    hinduism doesn’t mean casteism
    let’s unify and fight the caste system and end discrimination towards dalits, as one people Jai HInd!

  9. The Ant Monniker said

    Rohit Vemmula was an Asshole, organizing ‘Beef Parties’ and what not, know that Atrocities had happened in the past on the SCs ,
    but that doesnt meant this generation is carrying the insurpable atrocities.
    Why blame us for Succeding in our Fields?
    The Brahmins, The Kshatriyas as well as the Vaishyas are excelling in their respective fields.. due to their hardwork only!
    Instead you assholes always ask for more reservation,more policies amidst mote rights.
    Introspect into the richers SCs’ lives, you will observe the Richer ones are the one which dont want shit like yourselves to succeed.
    Jai Hind

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