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  1. Saint said

    To the Blog Owners or authors,
    I am delighted to see a blog of this kind in the making to spread the dalit knowledge to dalits and others. In this journey, I wish you try to stay truthful in what you are writing, not bringing issues that does not matter to dalits. When I looked at the title, I felt the title is some kind of self proclamation of something that would only put you in distance from our dalits.

    You are not the only one who write here authetic matter about dalits, for your information, there are various online and offline news and communication efforts by various dalit activists, no one ever claimed to be the ‘ONLY” authentic voice, as a TRUTH, you are not the authentic voice of dalits, nor you are the only authentic voice of dalits, you are just one among the voices. My friendly advice is to use a realistic and appealing title, not trumpheting in the beginning itself about the ONLY?. Let us see the in the days to come how you fullfill this imagination.


  2. dalitnation said

    To Saint,
    Thanks for your compliments on our work. It is because of people like you we can keep up our work. You are our inspiration. The brahminical toilet papers and web sites does not want to listen to the truth. They belive what they want to belive. We are also planning to create a national level newspaper soon and very soon we would be approaching Dalit intellectuals like V.T.Rajashekar, Joseph D’Souza, All India Christian Council, Gail Omvedt, Sister Mayavati, Kancha Ilaiah and Udit Raj. We need the support of all these people inorder to bring the voice of the Dalits to everyone. We plan to replace all the Brahmin toilet papers like Times of India, Indian Express and the Hindu. This is our mission statement.

    We at Dalit Nation agree that there are many other Dalit newsletters, Websites and periodicals who are also talking about the same things which we are talking.

    Why did we call ourselves the ‘Only’ authentic voice. There are many reasons for this. We have put in lot of thought. Our Mission is to be the authentic voice of Dalits. We beleive that not all the papers are still authentic. They still face issues from the Brahminical propoganda which seeps into their thinking. The closest to the authentic voice of the Dalits is the ‘Dalit Voice’. The extraordinary magazine created by our inspiration and our mentor V.T.Rajashekar. We have set an ambitious mission and target to ourselves to even exceed the authenticity of the ‘Dalit Voice’. VTR has done his job. He is also old now that he is in his late seventies. We don’t know how long he can continue. There are even rumors that ‘Dalit Voice’ will be closed down. This is something unthinkable for the Dalits. Before that happens we plan to establish the Dalit Nation as the authentic voice of Dalits. We already have out research wing and we plan to operate all this from United Kingdom.

    We know how much our Mentor VTR suffered under the hands of the Brahmincal forces. We have known VTR since his ‘Indian Express’ times. We were also close to Mulk Raj Anand and it was we who requested Mulk Raj Anand to put a word to VTR to start Dalit Voice 25 years ago.

    We also encourage other dalit periodicals and newsletters. Please don’t get us wrong when we say ‘Only’ authentic voice of dalits. If you also have the same voice as us then we are one. Together we will strive to dismantle this evil called Hinduism.

  3. Your articles are reproduced at LankaRadar.COm with courtesy to Dalit Nation.

  4. šŸ™‚

  5. Dalit said

    You are an idiot -l

  6. Kaustubh sane said

    Who gave you the right to call bramhins as toilet papers.. Don’t try to divide nation on caste basis..

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