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Why Babasaheb Married a Brahmin

Many Dalit intellectuals have burnt a lot of midnight oil trying to analyze why our saviour Babasaheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar married Mai Savitha Ambedkar, a chitpavan brahmin from Maharashtra. Did Babasaheb fall a prey to the Brahmin conspiracy. Many of my dalit brothers and writers in Maharashtra hint that there is a conspiracy from the brahmins. Some of the upper caste people laugh at this. Some of their twice born intellectuals even claim that Babasaheb wanted a trophy Brahmin wife. How true are all these. Why have we dalits come to such a stage that we are even questioning our leader. Do these people think that they are more intelligent than Babasaheb, the most revolutionary leader since Gautama Buddha.

Babsaheb can never be wrong. There is a message in each and every action of his life. Babasaheb by Marrying the doctor brahmin Mai Ambedkar has shown us that even women in Brahmin community is oppressed and the only way they can be saved is to get them out of their jati. Brahmin women are also Dalits in a way. Brahmin women are the biggest victim of Brahmin conspiracy. Manu treats women like filth, even brahmin woman. Out dalit women are much more free than the brahmins. They dont become untouchable during menstruation. They work in the fields and they cook.

If you want to finish the brahmins then marry the Brahmin women. Dalits should marry Brahmin women and take them out of their varna. Then Brahmins the micro minority 3 percent population of india will have no women left to marry and breed. They will die a natural death and become extinct. Look at the genius of Ambedkar. Without understanding Ambedkar’s genius all these so called Dalit intellectuals are making all kinds of noise and falling prey to manuwadi agendas. Remmber manuwadis beleive what they want to believe and they make you believe what they want you to believe.

Educate, Organize and Agitate – Jai Bhim

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