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A letter to Narendra Modi

To Narendra modi,

¬†We in the Dalit Nation editorial board know that you are from the ‘Oil Crushing’, Ganchi caste. You are an OBC and you are being used as a tool by the Manuwadis to kill muslims. You used Dalits in 2002 to attack Muslims. We know the Manuwadi mind so well. They will use you and then throw you out one day. Even send you to the gallows one day. Before that you should ditch these people and join us and turn back against the upper caste jatwallahs. Today they hail you as the upper caste messiah but you dont know the mind of Zionists. They will use you and throw you. Before that you join our movement and defeat the upper caste manuwadis.

Your Shudra Brothers and Sisters

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