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Narendra Modi and the fall of Hindutva

All the manuwadis are celebrating the victory of the mass murderer Narendra Modi. We at Dalitnation knew much before that Modi is going to win. At dalitnation we want to see the forces of Hinduism to come in the open and be recognised. That’s why we feel Congress is a bigger enemy of dalits than the RSS and manuwadis. RSS is like a cobra easily recognised and trying to strike us. But congress is like a python which hides itself and slowly swallows up its prey. The weakening of congress is very important because it is only then we can have Sister Mayavathi as our next prime minister. So thanks to Narendra Modi for weakening congress in Gujarat and now it is the turn of Mayavathi to capitalize in other states. The Brahman Jati party’s Gujarat experiment can’t be repeated in all the states as the caste equations are different. The RSS and chadiwallahs can be happy that they will survive in only one state. Mayavathi is going to be the Prime Minister of India. The first Dalit PM.

We from Dalitnation congratulate Narendra Modi from the Ganchi (Oil crushers) caste as he has made way for Mayavathi by fracturing the electorate. Modi is an OBC and a Dalit who is being effectively used by the Brahmin forces to crush the Muslims. Infact this Ganchi is using Dalits in Gujarat to kill Muslims. Dalits should wake up to this and not play into the hands of Brahmins. The mission of Dalits for the next elections should be crush Congress  and allow Mayavathi to form the government at the centre with the help of BJP. After this government is formed BJP can be simply dismantled into different caste groups. This is going to happen soon. Just wait and see. We are seeing a revolution the one dreamed by Babasaheb and Manyavar Kanshi Ramji  and we will see the first Government headed by Dalits to rule India. The first time in 2000 years after Ashoka.

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A letter to Narendra Modi

To Narendra modi,

 We in the Dalit Nation editorial board know that you are from the ‘Oil Crushing’, Ganchi caste. You are an OBC and you are being used as a tool by the Manuwadis to kill muslims. You used Dalits in 2002 to attack Muslims. We know the Manuwadi mind so well. They will use you and then throw you out one day. Even send you to the gallows one day. Before that you should ditch these people and join us and turn back against the upper caste jatwallahs. Today they hail you as the upper caste messiah but you dont know the mind of Zionists. They will use you and throw you. Before that you join our movement and defeat the upper caste manuwadis.

Your Shudra Brothers and Sisters

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