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Devadasis were degraded buddhist nuns

We researched Babsaheb Ambedkar and Jamnalal’s article on how the Budhist nuns were convertd into prostitutes by the Brahmin Priests. It is a heart wrenching story. We toured all over north karnataka and maharashtra interviewing and talking to the devadasis.  These Devadasis dont know anything about Buddhism. The priests have completely erased all the buddhist memories. The majority of the people who use Devadasis are upper caste lingayaths. These people still retain all their brahmin tendency. We asked the devadasis if they are willing to reconvert back to buddhism, but they don’t know anything about their roots. The brahmins have left no evidence that they had a Buddhist tradition. All these devadasis are picked at a young age from Dalit caste. Many Dalits also believe in this Devadasi sanctity. We were shocked to know about it. None of them know their glorious past. Thanks to Babasaheb and Jamnadas we know the truth which none of these people know. 

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