Rajeev Malhotra: American Manuwadi’s not so different verbal diarrhea

Rajeev Malhotra the billionaire Brahmin businessman from Princeton is the latest darling of Hindutva and Manuwadis. Several Dalit intellectuals have expressed to us that they have been troubled after reading his books ‘Breaking India’ and ‘Being Different’. And some have felt that their whole Dalit worldview is shaken up.

Malhotra has whitewashed all the Brahmin oppression and blamed everything squarely on European colonialism. He has created a mishmash world view called the Dharmic worldview by combining Buddhism, Jainism and Brahminism. How Brahminism fits into this is Malhotra’s great intellectual circus. Brahminical philosophy which is full of all kinds of confusing rituals, yajnas, homas, untouchability, pollution, cow worship is now equated with an ethical and principle centered Buddhism in Malhotra’s fantasy Dharmic philosophy.

Malhotra claims caste system was created by Europeans in the 18th century. If that was the case what were Buddha, Kabir, Basavanna,Eknath and several other revolutionaries complaining about. Malhotra has proved the often repeated statements of the revolutionary thinker V T Rajshekar, Brahmins think only what they want to think.

The editor of Dalit Nation could not help but laugh at the superficial arguments in this book. Malhotra cleverly appropriates all the good principles and ethics from Buddhism and adds it into his fictitious Dharmic worldview. After that he goes on a tirade against Christianity and Islam through a process called purva paksha. Purva Paksha is not some unique Brahmin discovery. Every thinker worth his or her name employ purva paksha which is basically looking into the other’s view points. This can be learnt in any debating 101 classroom.

Malhotra calls Abrahmic religions history centric. Ignorant Malhotra does not realize history centric beliefs abound in his own backyard – yugas, avataras are all history centric beliefs and very central to Brahminism. So are sacred places which are geographic localization of beliefs very central to Brahminism. Even the Brahminical Indian judiciary accepts the reality and historicity of Ram Lalla and that this god was born at a certain place and is the owner of that place.

People like Malhotra should understand that Western universalism is based on rationality and science. This is something Brahmins never ever bothered to understand. Brahmins in India had lost all traces of their own history and it was the British who taught them and gave them the Hindu Identity. All that Brahmins were interested was their Mathas, the birth rites, funeral rites, silly festivals, untouchability and twenty course meals. The Theosophical society was the key movement which revived Hinduism. All the Hindu leaders of the last century were products of this either directly or indirectly. Vivekananda their darling prophet was steeped in western universalism and he appropriated these values into Hinduism. He even gave a philosophical framework to the ramblings of his illiterate schizophrenic homosexual guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The Ramakrishna Mission, Bramho Samaj and Arya Samaj were all based on principles of western universalism.

The principles of social justice and democracy is an unknown and difficult concept to Brahmins. All that Brahmins of yore did was praise the King, ‘Rajan’ to provide them the goodies. In turn they fooled people into believing that they can control nature and bring in rains and prosperity through their hocus-pocus mantras and yajnas. Sycophants can never be revolutionaries or bring in revolutionary ideas. The result of all the Brahmin philosophy is the oppressive feudal caste system. It is there for all to see.

Malhotra’s Brahmin mind finds it very difficult to comprehend Jesus or Muhammad. Both of them were revolutionaries who fought for social justice and stood by the oppressed simple people. They fought against the status quo. All of Jesus’s disciples were simple fishermen and laborers. So was Muhammad’s. They treated the lowest of the low as equals. Jesus dined and wined with prostitutes and lepers. How can Brahmins who live in a worldview of untouchability and pollution understand this. Similarly Buddha’s teaching was open to all and not confined to any jati, dharma or gotra. He taught and converted murderers like Angulimala and prostitutes like Amrapali. There is not one Brahmin hero who fought for social justice. That’s the reason Ambedkar wondered why Brahmins could never give birth to a Rousseau or Voltaire.

You can see all the manifestations of Brahmin beliefs in Modern day gurus who suck up to businessmen and money. These gurus like Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankar, Asaram Bapu, Ramdev, Nithayananda and several other bearded buffoons have only one love and that is money. They are pimps who take money from the rich and teach them breathing and yoga to relax and live in opulence and without guilt. They even have the temerity to quote the Buddha who left the palace to live as a mendicant. All that they are interested in is to provide the counter-revolutionary opium to the stupid masses. The upper caste Hindus lick the feet of these gurus and drink the water used for washing the feet of these dirty crooks.

It is important to heed Babasaheb’s words and throw the garbage called Brahminism and Hinduism out. Malhotra even quotes Ambedkar and never criticizes. He misrepresents Babasaheb as if he stood for all these Brahminic concoctions. At Dalit Nation in Malhotra all we see is a futile attempt of a Brahmin trying to white wash the oppression and exploitation done in the name of Dharma. Any semblance of civilization that is in India is as a result of democracy, socialism and human rights and all these unfortunately for Malhotra are predominantly western ideas. Left to themselves the Brahmins could only create a feudal oppressive casteist society. The Brahmin worldview has very little to offer in terms of freedom and justice especially now that they have co-opted with the international banking and capitalistic machinery. Brahminism can only create ostrich like insight and they can keep chanting their Vishnu Sahasranama and Lalitha Sahasranama while the injustice and exploitation continues.


  1. i j swamy said

    Brahmins helped Dalits a lot . Ungrateful dalits keep on writing anti Brahmin comments .

    • Rightist said

      I entirely agree… The very adverse tone with which this review has been done proves that these Dalits are naturally impaired… they can’t distinguish between a good and a bad research work… I have read all the books by the charlatan Ilaiah, and found not a single sentence that makes sense… A bibliography is also deliberately done away with in order to veil the intellectual shallowness of the author… Malhotra, on the other hand cites references, and provides us with a rich bibliography so much so that his research becomes unquestionable… These Dalits can simply malign the upper-castes… They don’t understand that this is all a ‘divide and rule’ game started by the British… The moment one says the truth, he/she is dubbed as a casteist… They are racists and they thought that what they did to the Blacks, brahmins did to the Sudras… That is NOT the truth…

    • Kumarpushp said

      125 millin dalits are not hindus so they donot give any shits to hindus,Brahmins or Hindustan.

    • Stop the hate in the 21st century said

      Brahmins hurt them a lot too. We should be ashamed of our past and try to fix our mistakes. Not bask in the glory of a few brahmins who helped dalits.

  2. Navas said

    Better check your facts before publishing such trash.

    • Sandrocottus said

      Your trashy response is actually more applicable to the article itself not any of the comments about it (with some exceptions like your own)

  3. Sunil said

    You are calling Rajiv Malhotra a Brhamin. First time you are right, According to Manu, he is Brahmin, since he is doing literary work.

    Who is Dalit? Who created this word Dalit? Do you know what is Smriti? Did you read Manu-Smiriti? It talks about Shudra. Due to your lack of knowledge and intelligence, you will term Shudra as Dalit. But realty is Today’s service sector is Manu’s Shudra class. All working professionals in Information Technology is also Shudra class (as per Manu).

    Is Smiriti a Hindu scripture? No. It is just a social code of that time and subjected to revision. Can you implement outdated Manu -Smirit today? No.

    Do you have enough intelligence and attitude to understand any Hindu scripture? Do you know Shivananda, born in Dalit family Got enrollment in Sringarui math in Kerala? How come even he was a dalit?

    There are so many Hindus who do not believe in Jatiwaad and Dalitism, because Hindusim means unity with divinity and seeing presence of supreme realty in all. Dalitism only being kept alive by politicians, and merchants of conversion.

    • Heywood Jablome said

      Apologist much ?

    • Christian born but impartial Hindu said

      Your intelligence is inferior or your website will loose a lot of money, your whole life of creating a Dalit identity is going for the toss ;)..silly Dalit

  4. Nitin said

    In Breaking India, Rajiv Malhotra has given an extensive 60 page bibliography referencing a lot of Christian and Dalit sources themselves. That is a very solid work of scholarship and if you don’t agree with any part in it, please do a proper critique by citing which particular part is problematic. This article is more an ad hominem attack on Malhotra without substantiating anything. Is it because, Breaking India has exposed the Christian-Dalit nexus and this information has now started reaching grassroots?

  5. Sunil said

    You removed my comment. Why are you so afraid to face the truth?

    That hows that your only aim is to spread hatred against Hindus and Brhamins.

    Where efforts should be made to create a harmony, but your religion teaches convert others even you need to destroy others’ civilization, society, and indigenous faith.

  6. Shiva said

    You idiot!! Rajiv Malhotra is a Punjabi.. Not a Brahmin… Since when u people bothered to think? Expecting the missionary mental freaks to use their mind is like expecting Manmohan to speak 😛

    • Sandrocottus said

      There are all varnas among Punjabis including Dalits and Brahmins… for that matter they exist even among Punjabi Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians. Do not conflate provincial origin with varna.

      • Yam Chand said

        Yes, you right. All castes live in Punjab and called Punjabis, but Malhotra is a Khatri caste, same as Kapoor, Khanna, Oberoi, Bhatia etc., not a Brahmin as claimed here by some.

        Yam Chand

    • Kumarpushp said

      you idiot Punjabi is not a caste, Mr shivas.

  7. Om Namo Buddhay said

    Namaskar Sir: You seem to be having biased views and don’t see the right perspective of what Raji Malhotra is trying to put. First of all – He is NOT a Bramhin as you claim it. Secondly, he is not a Billionnaire – Had he been so – then he would not have been working in the field of Dharma. Thirdly – he is trying to Bring Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar’s dreams in fruition by blowing the whistle on time so that our Motherland -HinduSthan becomes one of the leading nations of the world !!

  8. If you haven’t read the book or know whom you are criticizing, how can you criticize it? I count three misstatements in your opening paragraph.

  9. Sir,

    Your tirade against Brahman, Against Rajiv Malhotra, against everything that you regard as Brahmanical in its origin shows how lowly you are. Unfortunately you are not the only one. I have met many like you all my life and I do not pay much attention to it. I however find your agenda questionable. Who is your paymaster? The Christian church? I am sure there must be some money coming from them. You symbolise everything that a religious convert is – sycophantic and extremely motivated to show how evolved you are from the backward Brahmans.

    You too know even after becoming a Christian you are still a backward Dalit Christian. You, within the church, will be sitting at a different pew from those Brahmins the church has successfully converted. They will still be more closer to Christ than you can ever be.

    I find your blog quite purile when I checked other posts. None of the posts have got any research and some things sound as if you have pulled them out of thin air.

    • Milind said

      Dalit Nation is not christian, they are navayana buddhists. However they like christianity and islam as it is helpful in their struggle against the oppressive caste system.

      • lol..islam and christianity invaded raped us…

      • Arun Zutshi said

        Shame on you. Milind whatever. They like Christianity my foot. How come Parayars and Vanniyars have separate churches and burial places. how come white folk and black folk and latinos have separate churches in America. Christianity has justifies slavery. You can sell your daughter to her rapist for 50 shekels of silver. Why are you blind to all that. Dalits by and large have awakened the conciousness of this country by raising important issues like untouchability and inequality. Don’t appropriate their movement.

  10. Shaas Ruz said

    “Jesus dined and wined with prostitutes”? That might explain the sexual aberations of the priests of his church in recent decades.

    Re. “fishermen and laborers”: Working with hands does not mean to have truth on one’s side. European communists also thought they are the inventors of “social justice” and now they are just a footnote of history. Only primitives from “Dalit Nation” think that being a fisherman or laborer means to have the right to rule – or at least to throw around unfounded and outright stupid garbage like this “article”.

  11. Sandrocottus said

    People usually see in others what they are themselves… I’ve always noticed an excessive, diabolical interest on the part of (a) Europeans towards caste, and (b) Mid Easterners towards so called “idol worship”. This is because those two problems respectively (which today the Europeans and Mid Easterners wrongly seek to super impose on Hindus) — are actually their *own* skeletons from a pre-Abrahamic past, nobody elses! The obsession which whites have with “caste” and arabs have with “idols” — thus points to a period in their own history which they secretly long for but have no courage to call out against the history centric brutal establishment they have converted to over centuries. Instead they pick up on these mythical problems out of jealousy for a free people like Hindus, and systematically try to dismember them by imposing Aryan-Dravidian, Dalit-Brahmin, and other non existent constructs on a civilization which has always been ahead of the rest of the world. Cheap revenge if you ask me, worse than “dog in the manger”… won’t work in the long run, though some petty gains might be made in the short run to help prop up their fake egos and false superiority complex.

  12. Mahendra said

    Yes yes I know why you are so angry because breaking india exposes your missionary agenda.Before criticise hindu gods see your jesus who born by a virgin and Roman catholism come from ancient sun cult mitraism.Like your upper caste jihadi hero Rajshekar you have nothing to do with dalit issues.Hinduism or sanathan dharma is only religion in the world where people can remain athetist even call proudly himself a sanatanist or hindu.

  13. WhatsInName said

    Based on the level of your intellectual understanding I suggest these topics for you:
    1) Obama a brahmin gave visa to Rajiv Malhotra and billions of dollars to write this book.
    2) Osama a brahmin originally designed 9-11 to supress all dalits in India.

  14. John Adams said

    Thanks for suggesting a great book brother. By the way trying to represent a society is a great responsibility. Try to post references to your criticisms otherwise they are just conspiracy theories.

    Show these posts to some intellectuals in your community. They will agree that you are degrading the name of your entire society.


    Down with !! the Brahmanical Rumor Spreading Shop (RSS) which has now proved to be Really Stupid Snakes (RSS) due to its terror activities against dalits and minorities

    • panduranghari said

      Surely tongue in cheek reply.

      If not, RSS is neither rumour spreading shop nor terrorist in nature.

      Can you prove your assertion?

  16. Justice said

    I support this website and I hope that more subjects are discussed like Ramayan which insult the Dalits as monkeys etc. Brahamins are like Jews basically and they destroyed India. Anyway I know that it is poor diet that makes people dark not being sent to a hot climate and that is what the Zionist Brahmins did to the residents of the first civilisation. Oh if only I can turn back the clock and wish that the first residents of India had a army to get rid of that Reptillian Filth!!!

    • panduranghari said

      The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is supposed to be one of the oldest. The somewhat controversial 6th adhyaya has the following formulas and earnest prayers: 6.4.14-16 –
      FROM “sa ya ichhet putrO me shuklO jAyet vedamanubruveeta….” TO “atha ye ichhet putrO me shyAmO lohitAkSho jAyeta treenvedAnanubruveeta…”

      A translation:
      14. In case one wishes, ‘That a white son be born to me! that he be able to repeat a Veda! that he attain the full length of life!’–they two should have rice cooked with milk and should eat it prepared with ghee. They two are likely to beget [him].

      15. Now, in case one wishes, ‘That a tawny son with reddish-brown eyes be born to me! that he be able to recite two Vedas! that he attain the full length of life!’–they two should have rice cooked with sour milk and should eat it prepared with ghee. They two are likely to beget [him].

      16. Now, in case one wishes, ‘That a dark son with red eyes be born to me! that he be able to repeat three Vedas! that he attain the full length of life!’–they two should have rice boiled with water and should eat it prepared with ghee. They two are likely to beget [him].

      As you can read and comprehend(hopefully)- the darker you are the more likely you are that you can master vedas.

      Dalit nation is a front for the f***ing christian evanglists from West.

    • Dev said

      Why bring the Jews into this…

    • Sunil said

      The comment above emphasizes what Rajiv has said! The venom he spits and comparison with Jews is precisely the work of the British! Kudos to Rajiv. He exposes the ignorance of such people through his book! He is merely stating what Rajiv has proved!

    • Arun Zutshi said

      Get over your disgust of your skin colour. All brahmins are not “white”. South Indian brahmins especially Mahavas and Iyers tend to be darker in general. Rather darker than many OBC castes in North India. Just look at Modi and Mani Shanker Iyer.

      • Yam Chand said

        Modi is not a Brahmin, a Baniya and not even a full Vaisya.

  17. John Anton said

    Why are you blaming only Rajeev Malhotra? Why are you not talking about Aravindan Neelakandan who is another manuvadi and the real author of the book “breaking India”?

    • panduranghari said

      Anton your plan to break India has been discovered. Now get ready to face the backlash.

  18. Khatri said

    Malhotras are Khatris not Brahmins. It is not like in South India where you have only Brahmins & Shudras.

    North India has Kshatriyas and Vaishyas too and most of these are OBCs now.

  19. brahmin said

    What a jack of a blog is this. First of all – all castes are based on profession and not birth. I am a brahmin and I dont consider myself a brahmin by profession or by my conduct. Finish. What is your problem folks- You used your super intellectual BR Ambedkar to first give reservations for 10 years and greedy politicians extended it indefinitely- You are happily walking into places like colleges, offices etc just because you belong to a particular caste( which you yourself dont believe in caste system) and now that you have a little bit of knowledge- you are spewing venom on hinduism and brahminism. Surely the work of a demented idiot.

  20. Yam Chand said

    The writer has very limited knowledge about Hindu castes. He doesn’t even know that Malhotra is not a Brahmin, but a Kshatriya.

  21. You ridiculed “Purva Paksha” and claimed it to be a “101” concept. It’s funny that you did not follow the basic rules of purva paksha or western argumentation framework. Can I infer your intellectual level from this 🙂

    1) Rajiv is not Brahmin.
    2) He never claimed that all the damage is done by Europeans but major chunk of the damage and he proved by giving references.
    3) You did not give any references of Buddha, Kabir’s comments and the context in which they commented.
    4) I do not even argue about western universalism because you do not have a basic understanding of western universalism apart from some lazy man’s definitions. please check the references in his book and critique which parts are falsified.
    5) Muhammad fought for social justice..really.. did you even read the wikipedia article about Muhammad.
    6) Please refer to the place/page number where Malhotra claimed that Jesus didn’t fought for social justice.
    I can go on and on about the logical fallacies in your article.
    I rest my case her.

  22. cunning bama_n said

    These brahmins actually brooke the India by creating several castes and keeping self above all. Shameless brahmins still support castiesm.

  23. cunning bama_n said

    That malhotra says that there should not be reservation for rulers like muslim and chritians. Why he is being so ignorant.
    All converts in india wanted to escape from hindues cast system and atrocities that’s why now they are muslims or chritians.

    • Sunil said

      If indeed you were so oppressed by religion, you would flee the country and not the religion. ex: current day Pakistan. The only reason you’re able to post such a comment is because Hinduism was tolerant enough to accept other religions!

    • Arun Zutshi said

      If you have converted then you have rejected Hinduism and hence all the “alleged” baggage of imaginary Aryan hordes driving you into Dravida( which by the way is sanskrit for “bound by the three seas”), therefore no reservation for you. As Subramaniam Swamy puts it reservation is only for those who have faced inposed social disabilities. Converted christains face no such disabilities anymore. Period.

  24. Dev said

    Just searched a list of billionaires in the US, Rajiv Malhotra isn’t one of them. And I’m pretty sure Malhotra isn’t a Brahmin name.

    And it’s quite well-known that Indians weren’t a history-conscious people until the Muslims. This is textbook history, nothing Malhotra made up.

  25. arhant said

    i agree with u.in the past brahmins took mis advantage of the position they got from manusmruti. This doesnt mean that all brahmins today are bad.
    Similarlly, some dalits speak or write bad about brahmins doesnt mean that all dalits are bad.
    I belong to dalit community of maharashtra and i dont fil proud in calling myself dalit.
    I request to stop writing nonsense about brahmins.i have many friends belonging to brahmin community and they are nice.
    Buddhism do not you to speak or think bad about someone.if you dont like hindu religion who is forcing you to follow it.
    Just stop criticising hindu religion and focus on buddhism.dont waste your time in these nonsense articles.
    Padho likho aur mainstream me aajao.

  26. Nanak Ram Pasi said

    Where you are Boss…it’s 2013. stop blaming others and make yourself strong…. Remember “History Doesn’t have any reservation or quota”…Just work hard and use your mind (if you still have)

  27. Karthik said

    You seem to be very desperate in haranguing Hindu culture and everything it stands for at the behest of some Christian evangelists. But stop for a moment and consider your hypocrisy. you condemn hinduism here but when it comes to reservations in jobs, education and public administration you are happy to parade yourselves as backward Hindu castes. if you are truly as intellectually advanced as you claim in this article, then come out openly and say you do not need reservations and you can compete with the rest of the society on an even setting. dare to do so? nope!! everyone wants freebies.
    This mediocre article proves you know nothing of the Indian cultural and social landscape. You call retards like nityananda and asaram brahmin?? well for your information they are not. they have never claimed to be. infact nithyananda is one of your people from Tamil nadu who just wanted to make quick money. asaram is another such species and both are suffering the consequences of their sins. looking at this article I seriously doubt you are a dalit. I am sure you are just representing a Christian missionary which is pushing its own agenda to divide Hindu society on caste so that you can encourage conversion. Poor effort though. Foreign cultures have tried for several millennia to bring Hinduism down but have themselves perished without a trace. Our culture has existed since long before Christianity and Islam and we will continue to thrive long after you are gone. So stop trying to degrade us and do something useful with your life instead!
    Yes Brahmin culture may not produce many revolutionaries. But we produce leaders and intellects like narayan murthy, Vajpayee, c v Raman, ramanujam, c n r rao, kasturirangan etc. and they contributed more to the nation than you and your stupid ‘revolutionary’ article.
    I’m all for upliftment of the backward sections of the society but this kind of tirade against Brahmins shows your insecurity. you know you can never compete against us, even with reservations. This article is a manifestation of your insecurity in your own abilities that you blame Brahmins for your social backwardness. Man up! Compete without reservations and succeed and I will be the first to applaud you.
    the day you realize casteism has been kept alive only by politicians just for the sake of votebank politics is the day of your enlightenment ala Buddha. Till that time, grow up! Don’t be such a loser and a burden on mother earth.

  28. Sai Tadimeti said

    The comment on Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is very degrading. People of our intellectual capacity can’t even comprehend his actions and mindset.

  29. Stop the hate in the 21st century said

    Don’t generalize. All brahmins are not the same. Some brahmins make terrible mistakes and others have to pay for it. Dalits, brahmins and all others are equal, there is no doubt about that. If Rajiv Malhotra makes a mistake, its his mistake not the mistake of brahmin community or the upper caste community as a whole.

  30. abhilash said

    Dalitnation ki maa ki choot or tum bhangi chamaro ki maa ka bhosada … abe nali ke keedo … tum jaiso ki maa ka choot ……

  31. ATrueIndian said

    I think Dalits are a group of people who have been oppressed and suppressed by the Rich community – Fullstop.

    The politicians/rulers have been very smart to divert all the torture done by them on the Brahmins since they are a non-retaliative set of people. So blame them! A Brahmin had promoted untouchability but would never enter a Dalit’s house and beat him nor was he a landlord !

    Wake up, Try to find the real people who oppressed you and hurt you and not blindly blame a class of people who are never known to torture someone!

    Brahmins never ruled India, they were not the main Landlords, they did not invent slave trade, they did not, they did not invent torture, they did not cheat farmers!

    The only mistake of Brahmins was that they were selfish and indifferent to the sufferings of others and never fought for others! Thats it!

    Dont know why no one blames the Kshatriyas, the Mughals and the British for all the things they did..

    Were they Brahmins too, feel sorry for the Dalits and the Non-Brahmins who dont even know who their enemy is!!!!!

  32. Naveen said

    Thanks for mentioning the books.
    I’ve read a few lines online. They’re very true. I’ll buy it. I’m from so called ‘low caste’ dalit too.
    There’s ONE political doctrine you people mention-manusmrithi(any more out of our 1200 preserved ancient books??or an untwisted line in Vedas? or about real Varnas?). Even that book is hypocritical. That “brahmin can become shudra & vice versa by his deeds” & also to torture shudras ?? As many say that is not even original book.
    What about Chandragupta Maurya(remember his guru brahmin Kautilya??),Valmiki,Ved vyas, Shankaracharya & many more who were all shudras??
    Was Rama & Krishna (who were dark) ‘low caste’ or ‘dravidian’ ??
    Trust me the day is not far away when your missionary propaganda will be proved false like the Aryan Invasion theory of ‘Divide & Rule’ category. Then we will kick people like you out of our motherland India.
    I request my hindu brothers to copy paste my comment(or add some info) in this church paid dalitnation’s every blog.

  33. anant said

    get a life man. the basic problem is that if some one talks about equality the you have problem.when some one criticizes then definitely you have problem.i put up a challenge.why dont you organise a talk or rather a shastrartha so that you and rajiv sir can talk facts and reason.will you do it.hell no ,becuase you are busy politicizing the issue to get grants,awards and position in life.arent brahmins in up ,bihar, and other big states not backward.are they not poor .millions of them are but you people need the so called dalits to keep your plan going.you just make a fuss about everything.there have been yadav chief ministers in bihar and up and a dalit CM in UP, are the dalits well off there .no becuase people like you are greedy and colonised.you still beleive that west is your master and they will only liberate you.you are not the dalit voice ,just a band of self centered individuals who milk helpless people for your goals.

  34. Srijan said

    This article in dalit nation is the very attitude and intention which has been attacked by Rajiv through his books. This article very much proves that Rajiv is right. It is the same non-sense ranting that Rajiv has brought out very beautifully in all his books.
    My response is paragraph wise.

    Rajiv Malhotra has proven the concept of Varna by his life long pursuit. He was a number 1 Shudra (employee) then went one to become number 1 vaishya (Business Owner) and then he worked harder to become the number 1 Brahmin (Scholar). While being all this he has been a Kshtriya (fighter). All because he had all the four gunas. Thus you see that the caste system is a farce and gets thrown out of the window in real world. Thus Hinduisms Varna system is far better than European imposed caste system which I have rejected after learning from Rajiv.

    Now several dalits getting troubled by reading Breaking India is understandable as it opens their own eyes as to what kind of propoganda they have been serving till date. In short they are bieng taken for a ride by Christian Missionaries and their agenda. What I do not understand is why they would they get troubled by reading Bieng Different.

    Rajiv has given very clear, consistent and strong proofs of the mischiefs of the colonisers with the Indian cultural & historical mind. But if someone like you has difficulty in accepting that also, then it is a case of either a deeper impact of that colonizer agenda or some vested interest in this movement of Christinization.

    The editor of Dalit Nation proves itself to be a fool and ignorant by laughing at Rajiv’s arguments. the editor does not know or read history and the framework of the dharmic tradition. Leave alone dharmic tradition, what about Buddha’s life and teachings. When the editor wants to attack Hinduism, it takes the support of Buddhism but then by its comments completely moves away from the teachings of Buddha. That will be hypocracy. Purva paksha is not a common debate where one criticizes the other for the sake of politics and cultural supremacy. Purva paksha is a tradition that is about learning the other’s tradition as if it were ones own and then debating about it. By the way, Adi Shankara converted all of Buddhists to hindus by the same Purva Paksha. This time it is Rajiv who will convert the Dalits from Christian to Hindu.

    History Centric means whole tradition depends on history and if the history is wiped off then the entire tradition will fall apart. Dharmic Traditions have Itihas + Adhyatma Vidya has the aspects of their tradition, where Itithasa = Human Lineage History + Puranas. This is quite difficult for the non hindu mind to understand as the trainers (Christians) have a mismashed tradition of their own.

    To understand the Wentern civilization the editor of Dalit Nation should read the talks of Macaulay in the Lord of Commons. This umbrella statement of European been rational and scientific and teaching Indians is all a lie and propoganda. If the editor has not read Macaulay’s talks and talking then it is making a fool of itself and the people whom it is representing. Knowledge is always better than wish lists.

    For arguments sake, Why call Ramakrishna as homosexual when one has not lived with him and not known him personally. I can understand if Ramakrishna had attacked dalits by his talk or actions. But he has always looked in every man the same divinity. Jesus also lived similar lifestyle as of Ramakrishna, but you dare not call Jesus homosexual. When Dan Brown talks about Jesus having wife and children then the entire matter is a proponganda. Thus it proves here itself that it is so necessary for the Christian movement to break the spine of the modern rennaissance of Hindu by attacking Vivekananda and his guru Ramakrishna.

    The editor of dalitnation is proving once again that its knowledge is so shallow that the best approach seems to counter Rajiv is by just dismissing him by calling names. But I would suggest that writing an article in a cucoon website dailynation is just about creating a halo of greatness around itself. If you really want to counter Rajiv, come and become part of his group and write all your arguments there. Lots of people are listening. You can make a real impact there.

    Overall, I find the editor of dalitnation to be a Christian propoganda person and its arguments not to be real arguments but just sensationalism of time old ranting. Wake up dear, as the Hindu is Awake and Ready and will not take any more. We will hit back if you denigrate our ideals and traditions.

  35. Rakesh said

    I am from Valmiki family and I know that our country can grow when we work and live together and not get divided by forgien nexus propaganda , Dr Ambedkar is our Idol and if it was not for Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr Ambedkar would be first Prime Minister of India as per wishes of Mahatma Gandhi, and Nehru is highly influnced by western thoughts, specially communism,that sowed the seeds of social partiality toward dalits, but now GOI of India is leaving no stone unturned to uplift the social status of our community, I am born Hindu and will die Hindu, I pray to Lord Shiva in our nieghbor temple in presence of persons of all castes present .No one can force me to leave my faith and convert to christan. I respect christian but I also have my own Identity as Hindu.

  36. Patriot said

    He has not disrespected Jesus. Rather you are an affront to Jesus, who has missed the message of Jesus’s teachings as well as deliberately misinterpreted the Indian scriptures and misguiding the masses.

    Like Jesus’s teachings, Hindu teachings are also treasure for the whole world.
    If you think what Rajiv has written is fantasy, then what about all those intellectuals , who have spent their whole life in fantasizing the stories in the name of Christianity , to fool the people and to overpower and acquire Indian Intellectual properties. like Bharat Natyam , Sanskrit etc.

    I know , I am talking to the wrong guy… who knows it all and also knows how to misappropriate these facts as well.
    The reason why you wrote this article, is because you can’t counter the facts and truth he has penned down. Otherwise It should have been a worthless book for you.
    You’re agitation, is a proof enough, how much you’re exposed in this book..

    Now , Again you have shown your IQ , by quoting the well designed fantasies to fool people here.

    If you have guts… Counter the specific points from the book..(in the right context and without quoting fantasies.)
    If you have a little shame left… Stop this intellectual terrorism.
    and Stop dividing people.

  37. truthfinder said

    Garbage article by garbage mentality.. truth is absent in the article.

  38. RajG said

    So many holes in this article that it is not even worth discussing. Btw, calling Ramakrishna a schizophrenic and homosexual seems to considered an insult by the author – so by that token all homosexuals and schizophrenics are offensive characters?????? Also how come a wordpress blog is the official voice of Dalits?? What is the sanctity of officaldom bestowed on this author?

  39. Jai said

    A very biased and wasteful read – just 40 years back the blacks in the west were treated like animals and even today live like animals. Why Bill Clinton or George Bush or any gora did not mary a black lady or vice versa ?

  40. Anonymous said

    If dalits hate brahmins and other upper caste – why don’t they just leave India? You are making us poor anyway. Because of you, people make movies like “Slumdog Millionaire” and because of dalits, India remains a poor nation. Just leave or kill yourself and let the upper caste survive. There is no point in your being. You are eating into our work, education, everything. Yet you are unsatisfied.

    Dalits of the nation, I, as a brahmin of India, order you (and I can order you or else I will banish you from Hinduism and then you can join terrorists in Pakistan) to DIE! KILL YOURSELF! DIE FAGGOTS! DIE! DIE GANDUS DIE DIE DIE!

    • Cosmos said

      What a retard !!

      • Shriram said

        Oh boy oh boy, all I see is the term Brahminism and basically saying Brahmins are bad, in the blog.

  41. camalingam@gmail.com said

    Thanks for publishing unquestionable facts.
    Brahmins contribution to our country is nothing except KAMASUTRA, MANUSMRITHI, SUPERSTITIONS & DECEPTION.

    • ProudDalit said

      All I see is so much hatred among people irrespective of caste/community/religion. I am dalit too and not surprised by fellow brothers lack of basic knowledge. People from all communities have contributed to India. From Dalits its Baba saheb. FYI many scientists CV Raman, JC Bose, UR Rao, Srinivasa Ramanujam, Infosys Narayana Murthy etc were all Brahmins and recognized all over. Vysyas have given great leader Gandhi. and the list goes on with Sikhs, Parsis etc. To be frank reservation has spoiled us dalits quite a bit. I am a beneficiary too (as a first person in my family to study) but I want my children to work hard and earn the right way and will ensure that (I refused caste in their school and put religion Buddhist). Until we liberate ourselves we will always be ridiculed and made fun of. Foreign religions will just exploit us and that’s the reason Baba saheb wanted to embrace Buddhism. Everyone forgets that India was ruled for 700 years by foreigners who murdered, pillaged the nation and didn’t do anything for dalits.
      In Telangana I am yet to see a discriminating brahmin but faced discrimination from our fellow andhra Mala brothers, OBC’s, reddy’s and kammas. It doesn’t mean we have to sit silent when atrocities are being committed on us. We need to follow Ambedkar. People Kancha Iliah, Rajasekhar and others will drag us back with their hatred and no one can progress with hatred in mind and hearts. Dont mistake me to be upper caste agent or anything. I will not tolerate anyone infringing my space irrespective of caste or religion

  42. Sufi Hussain said

    Both the parties seem me relying on half-baked and rude evidences. Writing a book in an academically valid style putting references etc is the western method of scholarship that only a privlieged person from a priviledged class can do the best as done by Malhotra. Dalit literature’s nature is political, not academic, and do therefore, do not require that type of mastery. Their cause is just as far as fighting untoucability, casteism and social discrimination is concerned.

  43. Karthik said

    You called it Brahmin hate and now giving back the dalit hate..Racisim is all in our DNA whether we identity ourselves as Brahmin or dalit s

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